How to Encrypt PDF

  • 1. Open a PDF file within PDF Reader Pro;
  • 2. Click "Encrypt PDF" Mac how to edit ic 04@2x and fill in "Password Security Settings".
    You could choose a required password to open the document or restrict printing and copying of the document;
  • 3. You can also add the document description;
  • Mac how to protect pic 01@2x
  • 4. Encrypt PDF;
  • 5. Or click main menu Tools -> Editor -> Security;
  • 6. Click "Add Files" at the left upper to set password for files in batch.
  • Some tips for creating a strong password (and remember it!)
  • 1. Include numbers, capital letters and symbols;
  • 2. Use a minimum of 12 characters;
  • 3. Don't use dictionary words and their obvious substitutions; e.g. h0use is not cool;
  • 4. Avoid putting biographical details into your password;
  • 5. Use a password manager, i.e. 1Password.
  • If you want to customize your toolbar to get more frequently-used tool items, go "How to customize toolbar?" to learn more.
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