User Interface


Set up Annotation Default Style

Go to PDF Reader Pro on the menu bar > Preferences> Notes tab
Set up default properties (color, boarder, of every annotation.)

Add Lines

To add a line:
[Option 1]

  1. Go to Tools on the menubar > Text Tool.
  2. Choose Notes > Line.
[Option 2]
  1. Choose Tools > Note Type > Line
  2. Stroke the line using the mouse from the start point to the end point. You can do this repeatedly.
[Option 3] Add a freehand line:
  1. Choose Tools > Note Type > Freehand.
  2. Stroke the line using the mouse. You can do this repeatedly.

Add Notes

1. Sticky Notes
[Option 1]

  1. Choose Tools > Text Tool.
  2. Choose Notes > Text Note.
  3. To enter text, double-click the note.
[Option 2]
  1. Choose Tools > Note Type > Text Note.
  2. Use toolbar* buttons to add notes.
*Customize Toolbar: Go to View > Customize Toolbar and drag the buttons to the toolbar.
  • Move or resize the note: Go to Tools > Text Tool or Tools > Note Tool, and use the mouse. Drag the black box to resize.
  • Editthe note's text: Go to Tools > Text Tool or Tools > Note Tool, and double-click the note.
  • Change the color used for the note: Go to Tools > Show Colors. To delete the note, choose Tools > Text Tool, select the note, and press Delete.

2. Anchored Notes (Longer notes)
[Option 1]

  1. Choose Tools > Text Tool >Choose Notes > Anchored Note.
  2. Drag in the document until the note is located where you want.
  3. To enter text, double-click the note. A window will show containing the text of the note. It has a short text that is used for identification, and a longer text that can also contain attributes.
  4. You can also add a simple image to the note. Drag an image to the image well in the window for the note.
[Option 2]
  1. Choose Tools > Note Type > Anchored Note
  2. Use toolbar buttons to add notes.


  1. Choose Tools > Text Tool.
  2. Select the text you want to highlight.
  3. Choose Notes >Highlight, Underline or Strike Through
  4. Edit highlights: Go to Tools > Show Colors.
  5. Delete the highlight: Go to Tools > Text Tool or Tools > Note Tool, select the highlight, and press Delete.

Change Annotation Property

  1. Select the annotation object (note, highlight or line) in the PDF
  2. Choose Tools > Show Colors. OrAccess the toolbar buttons "Color Wheel" icon

To add notes buttons to the toolbar, choose View > Customize Toolbar and drag the buttons to the toolbar.

Copy Notes Directly into PDFs

  • Notes can be copied to text notes, anchored notes, circle highlights and box highlights.
  • Choose Tools > Text Tool and select a note>Then choose Edit > Copy.
  • You can also create a duplicate of a note by selecting the note while holding the Option key.

Selecting Notes

  • You can select and copy text from a PDF file, then paste it into another application, such as a word processor.
  • Copy text: Go to Tools > Text Tool and drag over the text > Choose Edit > Copy.
  • With some PDF files, line breaks are not saved when you copy text, so when you paste the text, the lines all run together.
  • Select only a portion of text horizontally: choose Tools > Text Tool >press the Option key and select the text.

*Horizontal Text: for example to select only one column in a two-column document

How to change the type of preset comments, and annotate the value of each attribute parameter

  • Go to the Preference ... menu item in the main menu PDF Reader Pro Edition and adjust the corresponding parameter value.

Share & Export PDFs

Convert to Word/ HTML/TXT/JPEG/PNG

Tap the convert icon on the Toolbar, you will see the conversion window presented.
Please select the directory folder (where the converted files be saved), file formats wish to converted (Words, HTML, TXT) and the page range (entire PDFs, Current Page, specific page)

Differences between Save/ Save as/ Export Notes

Go to File on menu bar

  1. Save: Save annotation with the PDFs.
  2. Save As: Choose this option to rename the file.
  3. Export Notes: Save the annotation only without presenting the PDFs. Annotation Notes can be exported as Text, RTF, RTFD, FDF

Email out PDF

You can directly send out the PDF you are currently viewing as an attachment.

Upload to Dropbox

Tap Dropbox icon to automatically upload the file to your Dropbox Account
If you would like to adjust your Dropbox setting,
Go to PDF Reader Pro ( on the menu bar)> Preferences >Dropbox

PDF Viewing

Change size of thumbnails

Change the size of for Page (Snapshots) thumbnails:Go to PDF Reader Pro> Preferences>click Display, and move the Pages (Snapshots) slider.

Viewing Modes

1.Side by Side

Choose PDF > PDF Display > Two Pages or PDF > PDF Display > Two Pages Continuous. If you want the first page to be a right-hand page, as it would be in a book, choose PDF > PDF Display > Book Mode. Otherwise, the first page will be a left-hand page.
To stop viewing pages side-by-side, choose PDF > PDF Display > Single Page or PDF > PDF Display > Single Page Continuous.

2.View Page Break

To display a border around each page, Choose PDF > PDF Display > Page Breaks.

3.Full Screen

To view a PDF document in kiosk mode, Choose View > Full Screen.
In full screen mode, you can still do all the task you can do in normal mode.
The main menu auto-hides, and can be shown by moving the mouse to the top of the screen. Many options are also available in the context menu.
The contents tables and the notes and snapshot tables automatically show if you move the mouse to the side of the screen. You can also show them by choosing View > Show Contents Pane or View > Show Notes Pane.

Zoom in/ out

  • Zoom in or out: choose PDF > Zoom In or PDF > Zoom Out.
  • See the page in its original size: choose PDF > Actual Size.
  • View the PDF in Page-Fit: choose PDF > Zoom To Fit.
  • Keep the PDF so that it always fit in its window:Choose PDF > Automatically Resize.
  • Zoom to a particular section of a PDF document: choose Tools > Select Tool and select the section, then choose PDF > Zoom To Selection.
  • View a page at a size you specify:Choose PDF > Size To Fit. The page resizes to fit the window size.
  • Set page at a specific percentage of its original size: type a percentage in the Scale field in the toolbar. If you don't see the Scale field, choose View > Customize Toolbar.
  • Use the contextual menu to zoom: If your mouse or other input device has a scroll wheel, you can also zoom by holding the Option key and moving the scroll wheel.

Search Keywords

To find all occurrences of text:
  1. Open the PDF file. If the Contents pane isn't open, choose View > Show Contents Pane.
  2. Type some text in the search field and press Return. A list of pages summary where the text occurs appears in the contents penal.
  3. Click an occurrence of the text in the Contents penal to be led to the text location. The match texts will be highlighted in the PDFs.
To find a single occurrence of text:
  1. Choose Edit > Find > Find..., to show a Find panel.
  2. Type some text in the search field, and press Enter or hit Next.

Set up Color of Search Highlights
Go to PDF Reader Pro on the menu bar> Preference> Display tab, then select "Highlight Search results with color" > Click "Color"


Select the Text> Right click> Select Dictionary


[Option 1]

  1. 1. Drag the window of the PDF document to the screen you want to use for the presentation, likely a beamer.
  2. 2. Choose View > Presentation.
[Option 2]
To get out of Presentation mode by the shortcut ⌥⌘F , or by hitting the escape button.
  • Use the Left and Right buttons to navigate through the pages of the document.
  • Show navigation buttons by moving the mouse to the bottom of the screen.


  • Add a bookmark for a file: Choose Bookmarks > Add Bookmark, and enter a name.
  • Add a bookmark for the current session: Choose Bookmarks > Add Session Bookmark
  • Rename a bookmark:Choose Bookmarks > Edit Bookmarks, and double-click its name.
  • Delete a bookmark:Choose Bookmarks > Edit Bookmarks, select it, and click Remove.


Right Click> Select Snapshot from the list
The Snapshot will be automatically presented and listed in theSnapshot panel on the right hand side.

Delete, Rotate Page

Page Thumbnails > Select the page and right-click

Go to Tools (on the menu bar)> > Tools > Select 90 CW/90 CCW


Customize Toolbar

Go to View > Customize Toolbar and drag the buttons to the toolbar> Press Done.
You can also drag the buttons on the Toolbar to arrange the order> Press Done to complete Toolbar customization.

Changing Background Color

  1. Change the default background color:
    • Go to PDF Reader Pro> Preferences> Display tab>click Normal below "Background color".
  2. 2. Change the background color for Full Screen mode:
    • Go to PDF Reader Pro on menu bar> Preferences> go to Display tab, and then click "Full Screen" below "Background color".

Change The Default PDF Viewer To PDF Reader Pro

- Right click the PDF file, and tap "Get Info."
- Click "Open With," and select PDF Reader Pro in the dropdown box.
- Select "Change All...".

How to set as the default PDF View Settings

- You can choose the PDF display options at which PDF Reader Pro displays new PDF documents.
These view options include all the settings in the PDF > PDF Display submenu, the default document scale, and weather the document automatically scales with its window allows.
- Save the current display options of a document as the: Go to PDF > Use Current View Settings as Default.
- Or revert the initial display settings to their original default values:
-- Go to PDF Reader Pro on the menu bar> Preferences, choose General, and press the button below 'Revert initial PDF view settings'

How to Highlight Form Fileds

- Go to PDF Reader Pro on the menu bar > PDF, choose Highlight Form Fileds

Trouble Shooting

Can’t open PDF files (it does not work with this program)

You can try to click the "Open Other.." or Go to Main Menu > File > Open... to open your pdf file.

Can’t see annotation

Some line art images may not appear properly, if anti-aliasing is turned on.

    To turn anti-aliasing off:
  1. Go to PDF Reader Pro on the menu bar>Preferences, and click Display > Deselect the "Anti-alias text and line art" checkbox.

Can’t select or copy text in PDF

Some PDF files require entering a password before selecting or copying text. You may need to ask the authority party who gave you the document for the password.
To enter the password for a PDF file, choose File > Password.

Can't quit it (I can't get it to close)

Go to Main Menu > Force Quite > select the PDF Reader Pro
or find the PDF Reader Pro icon, right click and select Quite

Can’t see any tool for converting of to word, html

You can add custom button to navigation bar.
Go to View (on the menu bar)> Customize Toolbar, press the converter button and drag to navigation bar.

I’ve just upgraded to the 6 month app and not seeing any change! When I open the app I’m still getting the free version and option to upgrade showing. Please could you advise?

--—》please click "Restore Previous Purchase" directly in the upgrade window and do not need to be re-paid; I have done some demo screenshots (in EMail attachments)
--—》if you need to re-login Apple ID account, it is only Apple need to confirm the paid data only, do not care about it
--—》If you have seen "Restore Success", congratulations, the previously locked function (add / remove watermarks, etc.) has been activated and can be used normally

Why Do The Highlights Cover The Words?

Note: This situation only occurs in OS 10.13 because of the compatibility between PDF Reader and the system.

When you use the highlight, please kindly define the opacity in “Colors”.
Reduce the percentage of the opacity to help you read clearly.

If you still have the problem, tap the highlight part, and choose ”Note Color” to change the opacity. This will make the sentence readable.