5 Best PDF Compress Tools on Mac in 2022

Fri. 04 Nov. 202214063 Mins

PDF is the most widely used document format today. PDFs make files easier to share across different platforms because they are flexible and can adapt to a variety of software on your computer. The PDF format does not only consist of text but can also consist of images. PDFs containing images or graphics can increase the file size. A PDF size exceeding 1 MB is considered a large file. Reducing the size of a PDF from its original size is the job of compression tools. The compressed PDF can be easily shared with your colleagues or clients via email or cloud storage.


A good PDF compressor for Mac should have the ability to execute several things such as preserving the main data, content layout, attributes, and final results that are not corrupted or different from the original data. The most important thing is to reduce your file size sufficiently without compromising the quality of the file. You can find many sites or software that provide free PDF compression services. Even so, they reduce the size inaccurately to what we opted for and cause the contents to be damaged and not reduce the PDF size enough. It is not an easy task to find a good and accurate PDF Compress Tools for Mac. So here, we have prepared for you 5 best PDF Compress Tools for Mac in 2022.


  1. PDF Reader Pro Mac

  2. Adobe Acrobat DC

  3. Cisdem PDF Compressor for Mac

  4. Lightweight PDF

  5. PDF Squeezer


  • PDF Reader Pro for Mac

If you are looking for the best PDF compressor for Mac right now, you are looking at one. PDF Reader Pro Mac is a perfect compressor for beginners. It offers you a clean, simple, and easy-to-understand interface. Besides its simple interface, it still offers you advanced compression features and outcomes that would not disappoint. It also supports a wide range of file formats including Word, Excel, & PowerPoint. PDF Reader Pro Mac is one of the best all-around PDF software that provides other amazing features that are just as superior as its compressor. You can execute the entirety of your task within this software which would make your work more effective and less-time consuming.


  • Feature five different scales of compression (also the recommended quality provided).
  • Supports Batch file compression.
  • Easy-to-understand interface and clear navigation.
  • Besides Compress tools, PDF Reader Pro Windows also provides other features that are useful to cleverly process your PDF files from editing, converting, or creating PDF files.


  • PDF Reader Pro Mac is the most outstanding easy-to-use compressor that you can get. With its simple yet remarkable usability, compressing documents becomes a piece of cake as well as any PDF-related tasks that you can think of. We don't hesitate to recommend this software because PDF Reader Pro Mac delivers more than a simple compressor yet, it has these powerful features and functionality that is unmatchable.


Download PDF Reader Pro for Mac to enjoy these features now! Click here to read more about How to Compress PDF on Mac.


  • Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe Acrobat DC comes as a PDF editor with advanced and accurate compressor features. You can compress your files quickly and practically with this software. Adobe Acrobat DC also provides a clean interface that makes it easier for you to compress your files.


  • High accuracy of compression tools.
  • Advance compression settings.
  • Besides compression tools, Adobe Acrobat DC also provides some advanced features to process your PDF.


  • Adobe Acrobat DC offers accurate compression tools, as well as other features it has. Even so, it's undeniable that Adobe Acrobat DC offers a complex interface which may confuse new users. It has numerous features that can improve the performance of your PDF-related tasks and take it to another level. But it also comes with some subscription fees which are not cheap.


  • Cisdem PDF Compressor

Cisdem is a compression software only available for Mac. This software is perfect if you compress a huge pile of documents on a daily basis. It provides preset compression with a simple three step process to compress your files. In addition, this software also maintains the quality of images, graphics, or layouts from your original file. But besides the good compression feature, this software doesn't give any additional PDF functionality.


  • Easy to use.
  • Reduces file size significantly.


  • Cisdem PDF is dedicated to compressors and Macs only which could be an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time. The feature is pretty straightforward for users to use this software but no other PDF functionality to offer is a no go in the long run. Although, the software provides you free trial up to three files, an upgrade is needed afterwards.


  • Lightweight PDF

Lightweight PDF is a PDF compressor that you can download on the Mac App Store. This PDF has a small size so it doesn't take up much space on your computer. Lightweight PDF has a vision to maintain the confidentiality of your documents. Here are some pros and verdicts of this software:


  • Good quality compression.
  • User-friendly interface with drag-drop option.


  • Lightweight PDF has an interface that screams simplicity yet, it has remarkable functionality. Although, the software can automatically overwrite the original file and at times is not compatible with some file formats. Still, Lightweight PDF may suit your needs to install a small-consuming space compressor.


  • PDF Squeezer

PDF Squeezer is an alternative compress tool for your Mac. This software has a very small size so it doesn't take up a lot of storage from your computer. PDF Squeezer provides several filter options for standard compression making your job much easier.


  • Fairly cheap compared to other options on this list.
  • Simple User Interface.


  • PDF Squeezer provides several compression filters to compress your files accurately. Although it works really well with compressing documents, PDF Squeezer might not be the best image compressor. You can experience this amazing software after you make a payment because this app does not provide a free trial.


More Information:

How to Perform Compression in PDF Reader Pro for Mac?

1. Download PDF Reader Pro for Mac here;

2. Open the file with PDF Reader Pro for Mac;

3. Click Editor (icon) on the Toolbar;

4. Select Compress(icon);

There are five Optimization Options:

a. Large File Size(High Quality)

b. Medium File Size(Medium Quality)

c. Small File Size(Recommended Quality)

d. Minimum File Size(Low Quality)

e. Other(Customize the range based on your needs)



5. Click Compress;

6. Enter Save As and choose an output folder and the compressed files will be saved in the selected folder.

You can also click here to watch the tutorial video for How to Compress PDF on Mac in PDF Reader Pro.



From the article above, PDF Reader Pro Mac stands out as the best PDF compressor. Not only is its compression tools exceptional, PDF Reader Pro Mac has other features that are as good as its compressor. You can imagine how troublesome it is to perform PDF-related tasks in different softwares because you cannot find them all in one. To have all the PDF tools you need in one platform would be helpful for you in the long run. For some advanced features, it provides a free trial, which can help you experience PDF files in a more convenient and efficient way. Download here and try a 7-day free trial right now!

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