How to Add Header & Footer, Bates Numbers in PDFs on Windows?

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When reading a PDF file with a large number of pages, you need the page number of the PDF in order to find the reading position more easily. Adding page numbers to PDF will be easier to track information. Furthermore, the page number also helps more people to understand the contents of the document, especially when the document will be printed or shared.

However, page numbers don't just mean adding numbers to PDF files. In order to add page numbers to PDF, you need to add them as headers or footers, because the PDF format does not define the specific concept of page numbers. After you set the page number, it can help you quickly find the key content that needs attention.

1. What is Page Numbering?

2. How to Add Header & Footer in PDFs?

3. How to Add Bates Numbers in PDFs?

Page numbers

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What is Page Numbering?

Page numbering is the process of applying a sequence of numbers (or letters, or Roman numerals) to the pages of a book or other document. The number itself, which may appear in various places on the page, can be referred to as a page number or as a folio.

How to Add Header & Footer in PDFs?

Ordinarily, you can do this very easily.  It is harder to add or delete anything if you don’t own the document, meaning that you have no editing privilege. When it comes to adding page numbers to your PDF files or Bates number to your legal documents, PDF Reader Pro is always the best.

  • Adding Header & Footer to PDFs

Please make sure you download PDF Reader Pro from our website before you start browsing down. Just do the following steps: 

1. Click Editor on the toolbar -> Header & Footer -> Add Header and Footer;

2. Or click Tools on the main menu -> Header & Footer -> Add Header and Footer;

3. You can choose the page range, text color, font size, the opacity as you like.

header and footer

  • Removing Header & Footer on PDFs

1. Click Editor on the toolbar -> Header & Footer -> Remove Header and Footer;

2. Add Files you want to remove -> Click Remove.

How to Add Bates Numbers in PDFs?

Bates number is a retrieval method in legal documents, which is convenient to query and consult. Each page of each file is assigned a unique Bates number, which also indicates the relationship between the page and other Bates numbered files. Bates number is displayed at the top or bottom of each PDF document page in the batch. 

Added Bates number to the index of legal documents for identification and retrieval using a unique prefix/suffix such as number, case number, company name or date, which can prevent the documents from being changed or leaked.

Identify and retrieve information from your legal documents, and you might do like this:

1. Tap Tools on main menu -> Bates Numbers;

2. Or tap Editor on the toolbar -> Bates Numbers to add a unique prefix or suffix which can be a set of numbers, case numbers, firm names or dates.

Bates Numbers

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Hope this article will help you find out how to insert page numbers and Bates numbers into PDF documents. Let's update the page number on PDFs, insert Bates number to protect original content with the full-featured PDF Reader Pro for Windows.

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