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Fri. 09 Apr. 202120893

Beloved and trusted by 80 million users, we are excited to announce that the all-new PDF Reader Pro for Windows arrives, with a completely refreshed interface and design, which will revolutionize the way you work with PDF files! 

Keep reading to find out how we’ve enhanced and innovated PDF Reader Pro for Windows to bring your experience to the next level, and a 50% discount you should not miss out on!

1. Refreshed Interface and Design

2. Faster and Easier to Use

3. 50% OFF for Spring Sale

Refreshed Interface and Design

The first thing you’ll notice about the latest release of PDF Reader Pro is a refreshed appearance which makes the whole thing slicker and more responsive to use. We have also made all features more accessible with redesigned and humanized icons which are much easier to understand and a color scheme which is softer on your eyes, making it less tiring to work on for a long time.

We have also revised the ribbon-style toolbar to list all corresponding functions under all top-level features and it’s far more efficient than the previous version so that you can navigate to the exact feature easily and quickly make the changes you want. 

With the redesigned interface and design, the all-new PDF Reader Pro for Windows improves your productivity and user experience by delivering a more concise and clearer layout, once again it means that you don’t have to master any technical skills to handle your PDF files like a professional.

Refreshed Interface and Design

Faster and Easier to Use

In addition to a new UI, the major changes in the update are upgrades built around improving your overall experience. For example, we have optimized the PDF viewing rendering engine to improve PDF opening and rendering speeds.

The all-new PDF Reader Pro provides you with easy access to swap between read, annotate, edit, convert modes in just one click. And we have a new "Editor" menu on the toolbar, which houses some important editing tools including PDF merging, security setting and watermark managing.

Another is the new home page when you open the PDF Reader Pro which shows your recently opened files, and you can set your preferences like reopen last open files on startup and remember the last page viewed in the setting, letting you jump back into your previous PDF work in no time.

50% OFF for Spring Sale

Apart from the new updates, PDF Reader Pro is continuously praised by Windows users for its multiple functions like view, annotate, edit, convert, fill & sign and more, which make document workflows just simpler and easier on PC.

And if it sounds like you could get some really useful work done with the all-new PDF Reader Pro for Windows, now is your best opportunity to join us with 50% OFF, from Apr 2nd to Apr 15th, only in Microsoft Store Spring Sale!

50% OFF for Spring Sale

Lastly, we want to say that our team really devotes to developing the best PDF Reader and Editor for all of you. So we would love to hear from you if you have any questions or suggestions at [email protected]

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