Tips on How to Use Bates Numbering in PDFs

Tue. 01 Mar. 202232513

To identify PDFs and index it timely in order to make sense of mountains of PDF documents is pretty crucial to business and medical professionals. Moreover, the Bates Numbering system helps a lot in this aspect. So, it’s of great significance to know what it is and master the basic skills of usage. 

1. What is Bates Numbering?

2. How to use Bates Numbering in PDFs?

What is Bates Numbering?

Bates Numbering (or Bates Stamping) is an indexing method used for legal, business and medical documents (PDFs in most cases). It is perceived as a unique identifier and page label within a set of documents. It assigns certain numbers, date or time marks to all the pages within your PDFs. The added numbers, date or time marks then act as special identifiers of the various pages, describing the relationship between those pages. Bates Numbers should be placed as headers or footers in a PDF to ensure that pages in the same PDF are organized together.

How to use Bates Numbering in PDFs?

Bates Numbering is welcomed by government agencies, law firms and medical practices, where sets of PDF documents can have up to thousands of pages each. Needless to say, those professionals deal with PDFs containing multiple pages. Indexing pages with Bates Numbers simplify the workflow of retrieving information. Therefore, let’s go over the ways of using Bates Numbering in existing PDF documents.

Adding Bates Numbers to PDFs

  • Open PDF Reader Pro, select "Quick Tools" > "Bates Numbers" > "Select a PDF file". Then add Bates Numbers and select "Apply" to customize the serial numbers.

  • Or tap "Editor" on the toolbar > "Bates Numbers" > "Add Bates Numbers" to add a unique prefix or suffix which can be a set of number, case number, firm name or date.

Bates Numbering

Removing Bates Numbers on PDFs

1. Open the file in PDF Reader Pro.

2. Click "Editor" 

3. Select "Bates Numbers" 

4. Click "Remove Bates Numbers" 

5. Select your file and click "Apply"

Remove Bates Numbering

Key points to note

1. Before adding Bates Numbers, you need to decrypt your file if it is password protected

2. Only the PDFs in your folder will be added if you select a folder including multiple file formats

3. A unique prefix or suffix can be added (A set of number, case number, firm name or date). Adding alphanumeric prefixes and suffixes boosts the functionality of your Bates identifiers, making them easily accessible.

Bates Numbering

All in all, sifting through and indexing PDF documents with Bates Numbers is truly time-saving compared with processing and labeling paperwork. And fortunately, you can do Bates Numbering using advanced PDF software, and we will show you how easy it will be. 

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