How to be a Paperless Student

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The new semester is about to begin. Are you busy buying books, notebooks, folders, and tools? As a student, we all have the same problem: a heavy backpack. How to reduce the burden of backpacks and become a paperless student? With your preferred device (such as an ipad/tablet and or your laptop), find your preferred app to read, annotate, edit, secure files for digital planning, note-taking, annotating.


PDF Reader Pro, as an education app loved by students, will help you improve your study efficiency and accompany you to become a paperless student.


With PDF Reader Pro, you can:


How to be a paperless student

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1. Read Without a Bunch of Textbooks

For instance, every class has to bring a different textbook. If you have eight classes a day, you might have to bring eight books, plus notebooks, water glasses, etc. That's so heavy. How about taking a tablet? All textbooks are stored in your devices, you can read your textbooks while you’re on the go.


With PDF Reader Pro, you can do more than just open PDF files. You can enjoy continuous vertical/horizontal scrolling while viewing in single page, two page, book mode, full-screen mode. And the best PDF viewer gives Day, Night or Sepia mode to please your eyes.



2. Annotate and Comment Made Easy

The PDF annotator markups PDFs with a set of classical commenting tools, like PDF Highlighter, Strikethrough, Freehand, and Comment PDFs and Review with Text Box, Sticky Note, Stamps, Images and more.


We all need to take notes in class, but it is not easy to modify and there is a risk of loss. If you make a mistake, you can just press the undo button! Also, there are too many notes and it will be difficult to find specific notes next time, which is too inconvenient.


Use PDF Reader Pro to take notes without wasting paper, and there are a variety of tools, different colors, you can directly search to find the annotation content, learning more efficiently. After taking notes, you can upload the files directly to the cloud space without risk of loss.


Reading PDF files

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3. Edit has Never be so Easy

PDF Reader Pro is the best PDF editor. You can drag the page to reorder, select one or more PDF pages to rotate, extract or delete. It also allows you to insert blank pages and merge PDF, PDF Reader Pro makes edits easy. 


When you finish your homework, you need to do some editing, PDF Reader Pro can help you very well. If you want to add or delete some content on the original PDF, you can insert pages in different formats, and delete some pages you don’t need, then hand in an excellent homework assignment!



4. Turn PDFs into Any Files

You can convert your PDF files into various other formats as needed in just a few seconds separately or in batches, which is very convenient whether it is sent to teachers or shared with classmates. You can quickly convert PDFs to DOCX/PPTX/XLSX and more, keeping the fonts and layouts intact, and save more time to check the finished quality.



5. Keep Your PDF Files in Security

If your PDF file is very important or has some sensitive contents, there are two ways to protect your file. One is to set passwords to protect sensitive PDF documents and securely protect your privacy, the other is to add text or image watermarks to keep your files safe and professional


Keep Your PDF Files in Security

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The all-in-one PDF Reader Pro with all the latest tools to view, annotate, scan, edit, fill forms and sign PDFs, keeping projects moving while you're on the go. Being a paperless student can save time and money, because you need to buy physical textbooks each semester, which cost way more than digital ones. Also, you save on a lot of paper which means that you help the environment! This is definitely an added benefit of going paperless! If you are more accustomed to using a computer, you can click here to download PDF Reader Pro for Mac and PDF Reader Pro for Windows.


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