5 Benefits of Using Electronic Signatures

Thu. 17 Feb. 202217132

More enterprises around the world have begun to use electronic signatures to reduce carbon emissions while simplifying business processes, improving document security, facilitating record-keeping and reducing enterprise costs.

You may already feel the pressure to turn to paperless solutions for your business. Although it is unrealistic to completely eliminate paper in your office, 2022 may be the best time to abandon pen and paper and use electronic signatures.

Today, we will take a closer look at the 5 benefits of using electronic signatures. 

1. Enhance Security

2. Save Time

3. Cost savings

4. Boost Efficiency

5. Protect Environment

Electronic Signature

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Benefit 1: Enhance Security

Before the COVID-19 epidemic, enterprises often used wet signatures. The truth is, wet signatures are easy to be forged and tampered with, while electronic signatures have many layers of security and authentication.

Due to the encryption key system and comprehensive identification process, the digital signature ensures the authenticity of the signature and the integrity of the file. Therefore, it is impossible to forge the electronic signature or modify the relevant documents.

Electronic signature ensures the source, integrity and uncontroversial nature of signature information. The signer cannot deny that he has signed or claimed that he has changed the document afterwards.  E-Sign software guarantees a significant increase in security, which is also one of the greatest advantages of electronic signature.

Benefit 2: Save Time

Normally, if you want to sign a document remotely, you may inevitably go through the following process: print out the document, sign it, send the mail, wait for the other party to sign it and send it back. This is a time-consuming task. Not only do you need to buy printers, paper and pens, but you also need to bear the risk of force majeure in mail transportation. What if your contract is damaged by an accident during mail transportation?

Legally binding electronic signatures eliminate all cumbersome processes and risks to be borne. With electronic signatures, you can sign contracts or documents remotely on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Electronic signature shortens the workflow from months to days to minutes. 

Benefit 3: Cost Savings

In the contracting workflow, it is most important to reduce printing, transportation and processing costs. When enterprises start to use electronic signatures to process workflow, the staff's work efficiency will be improved due to the shorter application time. This move will allow employees to focus on current more valuable tasks and create value for the company's major lines of business. At the same time, administrative expenses will be greatly reduced. 

The cost savings benefits of using electronic signatures are also reflected in the time saved for business transactions. Signing documents electronically is almost as fast as signing on paper, but transportation time is saved. Transactions can be advanced faster when documents no longer need to be scanned or printed and sent in paper mail. Files can be kept in locations that the right people can access when necessary. It only takes a little time to send the electronic document to the recipient. 

Benefit 4: Boost Efficiency

In addition to providing clear tracking to optimize subsequent transactions, electronic signatures can also ensure the integrity of documents while quickly archiving and searching for required documents.

Has your document been received, signed or approved online? You can accurately get the status of the document with just a few mouse clicks. With productivity tools, you can easily find your documents. At the same time, since the contents of a document are in electronic form, a search can be performed for the contents of the document when the document is archived and processed.

In all business transactions, you must comply with compliance rules. The electronic signature is a fast and effective method when the cross-border signing of contracts is required. Electronic signatures are also legally binding. Ensuring that documents are complete and tamper-free is key to avoiding litigation and fines.

Benefit 5: Protect Environment

Do you have a paper document repository that occupies valuable space in your office? The good news is that the new documents signed electronically do not take up physical space, and you will no longer have file cabinets and waste paper piles.

There is no need to print, copy or physically archive your documents. Your contracts, power of attorney, leases, letters or any other documents are digitized and protected. The remote signature also greatly reduces travel. Signatures can be completed remotely at any time and in any place.

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