Best Ebook Reader for iPad in 2022

Thu. 22 Dec. 202216295 Min

We know that reading will give us broad insights and knowledge. For a very long time, we have read books made out of paper. Since the birth of PDF, we have gradually moved from printed books to e-books. Its flexibility makes ebooks' popularity continue to skyrocket and are a must-have format for every published book.  


If you are a book reader who likes to read on an iPad, you must read this article to the end. iPad is one of the most popular reading devices to use. iPad is easy to carry anywhere, the average size of the iPad screen is suitable and vibrant for reading, and you can read unlimited amounts of books in one device. iPad is also proven to have good graphics for reading compared to other devices.


The iPad is an excellent device for reading, but you also need good ebook reader software. A good ebook reader software will give you complete control over the books you read. There are tons of ebook readers out there so we pick some of the best ones for you including our very own PDF Reader Pro. Each app provides sophisticated ebook reader features, accompanied by an interactive interface, and other features that can enhance your reading experience.

  1. Best Ebook Reader on iPad in 2022

  2. Why Are We Transforming to Ebooks?

  3. Why Do We Recommend Ebook Reader?      


Best Ebook Reader on iPad in 2022

  1. Amazon Kindle

Kindle occupies the first position on our list. Kindle is a complete ebook reader because it is equipped with complete features and access to the complete Amazon bookstore. Kindle has the ability to change fonts, backgrounds, highlights, annotation, etc. In addition, Kindle is also compatible with all devices. You just need to log in with your Amazon account, and you can enjoy reading books comfortably.


  • Kindle has connections to the full Amazon online bookstore.

  • Kindle is perfect for college students. The flashcard feature can help test yourself for how much material you remember.


  1. PDF Reader Pro

PDF Reader Pro is an excellent ebook reader, and you are free to download PDF Reader Pro on your iPad.  PDF Reader Pro has a clean and minimalist interface making it easy for beginners to understand all the features. 



And if you want to read ebooks in a place that doesn't have a reliable internet connection, you don't need to worry. All you have to do is download the book you want to your device and you can read it with PDF Reader Pro offline anywhere and anytime. It seems to be a no-brainer to choose PDF Reader Pro over other ebook readers and here is why.


  • PDF Reader Pro has a reading mode which allows you to focus and immerse yourself in what you read. You can also add highlights, notes, links, voice notes, change background, create outline and much more to your ebooks. 

  • Text-to-speech is available which allows you to listen to ebooks while doing other activities.

  • It has other PDF editing features such as document converter (to Office, text, images), add watermark, signature, extract images from document, split pages, compress files, OCR, etc.

  • PDF Reader Pro is perfect for students and employees who need more features than an ebook reader. Its powerful features can help you save a lot of time in managing documents.


  1. Bookfusion

Bookfusion is specially designed for iPad users and has a library of more than 2 million books. Bookfusion also provides complete settings such as page display settings, background, margins, making your reading experience better. Apart from that, Bookfusion also offers annotation features that can make your reading experience more interactive.


  • Bookfusion integrates with another ebook reader software such as Caliber to keep your book collection intact on your iPad.


  1. Aldiko

This one app should not be underestimated. Aldiko is one of the most popular ebook readers on the iPad. First, Aldiko doesn't take up a lot of memory, so this app is perfect for those of you who don't have a lot of space on your device. Second, Aldiko offers all the necessary features to provide a good reading experience for you, such as changing the background color, font size, text, etc.


  • Aldiko has a library management system that allows you to manage the books you have with tags, bookmarks, jump labels, and global text search.


  1. Marvin

Marvin may not be as popular as the other ebook reader software we mentioned but it is surely as good as the rest. Marvin offers a clean and simple interface to read. It also provides various settings for font, margin width, line spacing, etc. You can also customize the theme colors as needed. Marvin doesn't support opening PDFs at the moment but even without all the fancy features, Marvin allows you to open ebooks directly without having to upload the book to the cloud to read them. With this, you can read ebooks offline.


  • Marvin has a "Deep Reading" mode that can be activated with one tap. This mode can quickly make all the character names and important words in the book appear and can be sorted by importance or alphabetically.


Why Are We Transforming to Ebooks?

Why ebooks? The transformation from printed books to electronic books is not only based on its efficiency and convenience but more than that. Going paperless can help reduce the impact of climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions produced by paper processing factories. In addition, ebooks are much more affordable than printed books. If you are a student, teacher, or employee who is required to buy books, you can save money by buying ebooks. So, you can't really go wrong with ebooks. It is a win-win situation for you and the environment.


Why Do We Recommend Ebook Reader? 

We recommend ebooks for good reasons. Even though the iPad comes with its PDF reader which is called iBook, its features are way too far when compared to the ebook readers we recommend. iBook only functions for reading and its features are limited to reading and basic annotation tools. The ebook reader we show above has all the features an iBook has plus much more advanced tools such as adding voice notes, images, stamps, etc. You can also get creative with creating highlights because you can mark important parts with the color you like, and other annotation tools such as squiggly, strikethrough, shapes, underline, etc. In addition, some advanced ebook readers provide text-to-speech. Text-to-speech is very useful for those of you who have a super busy schedule. With this feature, you can listen to your ebook while doing other activities like driving, doing chores, etc.


Wrap Up

All the apps mentioned above each have their advantages. If you ask us which is the best, we will say PDF Reader Pro for obvious reasons. If there is more, why choose less? PDF Reader Pro offers more features than an ordinary ebook reader. If you are confused, you can try each app first until you find one you like. But what's most important is for you to keep reading! DOWNLOAD PDF Reader Pro, excellent ebook reader software now.

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