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Wed. 07 Dec. 202210903 Mins

When you think of teaching, it is often related to piles of books, documents, or exam papers. Now, technology is advancing rapidly and many of us are gradually turning to e-books or digital files because they are more convenient to use. As is the case with teachers, with the digital revolution, we see that the pile of papers on their desks is gradually disappearing. This is due to the birth of the Portable Document Format or what we know as PDF.


Over time, PDF Reader has become a must-have software for teachers. Apart from being cheaper than paper, PDF Reader is flexible with any kind of device. Working with PDF Reader would also cut out the task of having to carry piles of paper or heavy books everywhere. PDF Reader has become a breath of fresh air for teachers. With PDF Reader software, teachers can read ebooks, check student assignments, and registration forms, edit, and create documents, all digitally in one software. 


Originally, PDF wouldn't allow users to add notes or highlight their documents directly. To perform such tasks, one may have to download a PDF annotation software. It is important for a teacher to have a reliable PDF annotation tool that can help them ease their work by providing complete and easy-to-use annotation features.


How Teachers Transform Into the PDF Era?

As teachers slowly leave paper behind and gravitate toward PDF, it also comes with its drawbacks. PDF can be difficult to manage if you don't have an excellent PDF Reader software to accommodate all of your files. Here, we point out some of the pain points that you may experience as a teacher while using PDF without an excellent PDF Reader software.

  1. PDF format doesn't allow you to annotate, highlights, etc. It only allows you to read.

  2. PDF doesn't allow you to create or edit outlines. It can be frustrating to find a specific chapter or information when you are not provided with a complete outline.

  3. Naturally, bookmarks are not available in PDF format. You can only add bookmarks with PDF Reader software.

  4. PDF doesn't allow you to make notes as you are only allowed to read.

  5. You can check student reports or homework but you cannot add marks, feedback, or comments in it because PDF doesn't allow you to edit or add anything to the file.

All the things mentioned above can be solved easily by downloading PDF Reader Pro, the best PDF Reader software available for teachers. You can easily execute all of the actions above within seconds making your job as a teacher more fun and enjoyable.


PDF Reader Pro - Easy PDF Annotation Tool for Teachers

If you are a teacher and looking for an annotation tool, PDF Reader Pro is your best solution. PDF Reader Pro offers a wide variety of annotation tools that are very practical and easy to use. With the various annotation features provided by PDF Reader Pro, you can channel your creativity in adding notes to your ebooks, documents, or students' exam papers. In this section, we will show you some simple instructions on how to use some of the annotation tools with PDF Reader Pro. But first, make sure you have downloaded PDF Reader Pro. If you don’t have the software yet, DOWNLOAD PDF Reader Pro here.



  • Add Highlights for Important Points

With PDF Reader Pro, you can easily highlight the parts of the ebooks or documents that you think are important to take note of. If you want to return to that point, you can find that point within seconds. This will clearly save a lot of time because you don't have to go through the whole book or pages to find the information you need. Follow the instructions below to make a highlight.

  1. Open your file with PDF Reader Pro Windows;

  2. Click Tools on the toolbar -> select Highlight -> choose parts of the text you want to highlight;



  1. Or press shortcut Ctrl + Alt + H -> then select the text you want to highlight.


Besides highlights, PDF Reader Pro offers you many other ways to annotate your paper such as Underlines, Squiggly, Strikethrough, and Freehand. Click here to learn more about highlights in PDF Reader Pro.


  • Create Outline for Great Lesson

Outline is a necessity that will often be needed by a teacher. By adding an outline to documents, it will look more organized and can also help you visualize your next lesson in a different way. Plus, having an outline in each of your materials can help you quickly review the most important points without having to go through each page. Follow through the instructions below to add an outline.

  1. Open your file with PDF Reader Pro;

  2. Click the Outline icon on the left panel -> Click ‘+’ button to add Outline.



Click here to learn more about creating and editing outlines in PDF Reader Pro.


  • Keep Track with Bookmark

Working as a teacher is a demanding job. Besides teaching students, you also have to deepen your own knowledge. As the stakes for teachers are higher than ever, you may often not be able to finish one book, paper, or journal at one time. This is where the role of bookmarks comes to play. It helps you remember where you were up to. With PDF Reader Pro, you can add bookmarks easily.

  1. Open the page of a file where you want to make the bookmark;

  2. Click Tools on the toolbar -> Tap Bookmark icon;

  3. Type the name of the new bookmark, and click Create;

  4. Click the Bookmarks icon on the left panel, so you can find your bookmarks.



Click here to learn more about how to add and delete bookmarks with PDF Reader Pro.


  • Stay Engaged and Focus While Reading

Teaching and reading is heavily related to one another. By reading, teachers can enhance the material they teach or research. Besides that, it is also important to take notes of the information that we read. By making notes, we train ourselves to think critically about what we read, and also stay engaged and focused. Making notes is also proven to be one of the most effective ways for us to remember what we read better than just reading. With PDF Reader Pro, you can add comments however you like.

  1. Open your file with PDF Reader Pro;

  2. Click Tools on the toolbar -> select Anchored Note;

  3. Click any place on the pages to add an anchored note;

  4. Enter your notes, choose the icon’s color, and set opacity on the Annotation Properties Panel.



Click here to learn more about how to annotate with PDF Reader Pro.


  • Grade Homework with Stamps

Teachers check a lot of student papers and exams every day. With PDF Reader Pro, you can check your student's exams, reports, and give them constructive feedback directly from your device. PDF Reader Pro provides various stamps that you can add to exam papers or student's reports based on their performance. 

  1. Open your file with PDF Reader Pro;

  2. Click Tools on the toolbar -> Select Stamp icon and Stamps panel will appear on the right;

  3. In the Stamp panel, choose category and select a stamp;

  4. Click the area on the paper or exam you want to stamp;



  1. To delete the stamp, right click it and select Delete.

You can also customize your own stamp by clicking Custom on the stamp panel. Click here to learn more about how to add stamps in PDF Reader Pro.


Why Do We Recommend PDF Reader Pro?

As mentioned in this article, PDF Reader Pro is an annotation tool totally suitable for teachers. You can do various forms of annotation in just seconds, from highlights, outlines, bookmarks, anchored notes, underline, squiggly, strikethrough, stamps, etc. More importantly, you can use all of these features in one software. PDF Reader Pro also has a simple interface making new users understand every single feature easily. Now, you can annotate your document in both our Windows and Mac versions, click to download.


PDF Reader Pro also provides many other advanced features besides annotation tools such as convert, compress, merge, OCR, etc. In general, PDF Reader Pro is the perfect annotation tool for you because it's easy to use and packed with productive annotation tools.


Click here to learn more about our features. Download PDF Reader Pro to get a 7-day free trial. If you have any problems, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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