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Spending much time processing a large number of paper-based documents is a common dilemma faced by healthcare industry. For example, collecting and storing patient information, and updating consultation records. These administrative tasks are a huge burden for staff in healthcare industry. Therefore, it is an inevitable trend to go paperless in healthcare industry. 


How is Healthcare Industry Benefiting From Paperless?


Free Healthcare Workers From Paperwork

Traditionally, the doctor will record patients’ data information on paper files and then sort them into different folders, which are kept in the archives. What would you do if you need to refer to these data and documents again? The only viable solution to find the needed files is going through thousands of documents in a time-consuming manner. Implementing paperless offices in the healthcare industry means that these large quantities of paper documents will be replaced by electronic documents. One of the biggest advantages of digital files is that we are able to find the desired materials fast and modify the content at any time.


In addition, managing paper documents will also increase labor costs. For example, preventing private document theft, protecting documents from being damaged, sorting and organizing files regularly, etc. However electronic documentation will eliminate these concerns. You can keep your files safely on your hard drive via a computer password or file access permission. Once doctors get rid of paper documents, they will definitely spend more time focusing on their patients.


Better Secure Confidential Data

Protecting patient privacy and securing electronic health information is a shared responsibility. A commitment to privacy and security fosters patient trust, and they will be more likely to share their health information with you.


PDF format is a highly safe format since it allows you to set permission for viewing and editing as well as hiding some important information to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all electronic protected health information.


Therefore, choosing the right PDF tool to process and protect patients’ private information is a rewarding thing for the healthcare industry.


PDF Reader Pro - Best Solution for Healthcare Industry


What can PDF Reader Pro do for the healthcare industry?

1. Encrypting Patients’ Information

PDF Reader Pro will lock medical documents with stringent data protection and encryption standards. You can set an open password, owner password, and redact sensitive data to prevent data leakage and illegal viewing.

  • Set Open Password: Once you set an open password for a file, those who want to view the file need to enter the password first.

  • Set Owner Password: Owner password means the restriction on editing, printing, and copying. If an owner password is set, you can’t modify the content except for reading.  

  • Redact Confidential Health Information: The sensitive text will be blanked out with a black box that cannot be removed with redaction tool.



2. E-signature Speed Up Workflow

Signing electronic documents like patient consent forms, new drug applications, and insurance provider agreements with PDF Reader Pro can save much time because you can avoid additional printing, scanning, and mailing of paper. Electronic signature makes everyday work easier. PDF Reader Pro offers 3 ways to create a signature, from Keyboard, Trackpad, and Image.



3. OCR Academic Documents

Workers in healthcare industry need to refer to a large number of medical materials so that they can optimize the treatment plan. However, these documents are always scanned files that you can’t annotate or edit. PDF Reader Pro gives you a solution, the OCR tool helps you extract the non-editable text from a picture or scanned file.


With a few steps, you can successfully OCR a PDF file. Just click OCR on the toolbar, then select page range and language.  


4. Create an Interactive Form for Patients

An interactive form just like Excel, which allows patients to easily fill out a form in a PDF. Through PDF Reader Pro, institutions can create an interactive form in PDF format to collect information such as telephone numbers, personal medical histories, etc.


How to create a form? Here is a simple guide.

Click Form on the toolbar, then add Text Field. Check Box, Ratio Button, List Box, Combo Box, Button, or Signature as needed. Click here to learn more about the interactive form.


Why do We Recommend You Choose PDF Reader Pro?


1. Save Your Cost

PDF Reader Pro replaces the workforce to protect and manage your electronic file, which can save labor costs. It also provides permanent volume licenses for teams or groups. You can apply for a discount if you are going to purchase more than 5 licenses for your team.


2. Intuitive Program with Advanced Features

PDF Reader Pro is designed to allow novices to quickly master the operations. Under the premise of keeping advanced features, PDF Reader Pro tries to simplify the steps and optimize the interface for a better interactive experience. Meanwhile, there are many powerful functions. Besides the features we mentioned above, you can also compress, convert, edit and flatten a PDF.


3. Provide Informed Prompt Customer Service

Once you have any problems or suggestions, feel free to contact us at [email protected] , PDF Reader Pro Team will reply to you quickly to ensure quality customer service. Also, you can refer to User Guide or Video Tutorial to get the answer.


Generally, PDF Reader Pro is the right tool for the healthcare industry due to its reasonable price, strict protection measures, and prompt customer service.


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