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Thu. 15 Sep. 202215943 Mins

High digitalization has become one of the important characteristics of today's society, and the rapid digital wave is impacting all areas of society. Today, digital integration is also an integral part of the modern classroom. Paper documents, once widely used in teachers' offices, are slowly disappearing, replaced by the most commonly used digital file format for storing educational documents, namely PDF.


With the popularity of PDF files, it is very important for teachers to have a PDF tool that can help you deal with classroom-related affairs more efficiently, such as editing PDF files and merging files. It also makes it easier for teachers to share files with students, and digital archives and files can be updated and maintained.


Now, let's see how PDF Reader Pro can help you with your daily teaching preparation and class management.


Here's what we'll mention:

1. PDF Viewer for Classroom Presentation

2. PDF Annotator for Course Teaching

3. PDF Editor for Resource Packaging

4. PDF Converter for Courseware preparation

5. Edit and Fill PDF for Classroom Management


1. PDF Viewer for Classroom Presentation

PDF Reader Pro is the perfect assistant for teachers. When preparing lessons, you can easily read the required PDF documents, and set the display mode and theme of the documents according to your reading habits. And in the classroom, you can show PDF files as slideshows by clicking View on the main menu and selecting Presentation in PDF Reader Pro.



2. PDF Annotator for Course Teaching

In class, teachers can use annotation tools to mark up the content in the courseware, highlighting the content that needs students' attention, so that students can find the key points faster and improve their learning ability.


After class, you can also use annotation tools to review students' work, add sticky notes to give suggestions for content, add custom stamps to grade assignments, and more. To get more features of the annotation tools provided by PDF Reader Pro, you may refer to our official website.Click here to learn how to add annotation in your PDF.



3. PDF Editor for Resource Packaging

Normally, as a teacher, you may need to distribute multiple documents, such as reading materials, test papers, etc. to your students, but sending them individually may be too tedious. This is where you can use the editor tool to merge multiple documents into one and send it to your students with ease.


Also, for teachers, if there was an exceptionally large PDF file such as a textbook or workbook, it would basically be a bit inconvenient to send it to others without compressing it. However, you can use the compression tool in PDF Reader Pro to compress the file into a smaller file size without ruining the content of the document, so you can send the file to others better and faster. Click here to learn how to compress and how to merge your PDF.



4. PDF Converter for Courseware Preparation

Sometimes you will use Word or PPT files to give class presentations to students, and the format of these files may be displayed inconsistently across devices. The best way to avoid confusing file formats is to convert the files to PDFs, which ensures that the files are displayed consistently no matter which device you use.


Conversely, when you have downloaded learning materials in PDF format from academic websites or journals, you can also convert them to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc., and apply them to your courseware.Click here to learn how to convert your PDF to different formats.


5. Edit and Fill PDF for Classroom Management

As a teacher, classroom management also takes up a large part of your job. Before the start of each semester, teachers are provided with some PDF working documents as references, and then you need to follow these examples to create documents that are appropriate for your class situation. The reference documents usually provided are seating charts, class lesson plans, semester planners, classroom rules, etc. You can save these to your computer and directly edit them in the PDF files to match your class situation and improve the efficiency of classroom management.


More than that, you can use the Fill & Sign tool to record student attendance and approve students' leave application forms. You can also complete a final evaluation form for each student before the end of the semester. Click here to learn how to edit PDF and fill a PDF form.



Now that online learning is replacing traditional forms of education, educators must find more ingenious ways to accomplish daily tasks. PDF Reader Pro is the best choice to help you greatly improve your productivity and meet the needs of teaching and class management.


With all the features mentioned above, PDF Reader Pro is an easy-to-use and powerful PDF editor that integrates PDF Reader, PDF Annotator, PDF Editor, PDF Converter, and Form Filler. We hope these functions can help you in your teaching, as well as bring convenience to your class management and get the best experience.


Download PDF Reader Pro for your Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android for free and use it in class today!


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