How PDF Reader Pro Enriches My Reading Experience?

Tue. 04 Jan. 202215663

Reading, for me, is a truly complex and comforting process. Words go to my brain, being converted into images and feelings. 

In old times, as a student, I usually read paper books. When I pick up a new book, there’s an overwhelming scent of it— familiarity, something calming and soothing to me. As my eyes dart back and forth across each line anew, I absorb the words and my mind starts to race. I comprehend everything that I read, yet it’s almost as if I’m reading from afar; it’s almost as if I’m in the story as a ghost watching everything happen. I’m quite literally transported into an entirely different world, one written by an author somewhere across the land.

Now, I'm a professor of medicine having to deal with a lot of PDF documents every day. And as PDF becomes more and more popular, reading turns to an interactive approach which means a recorded engagement with online PDFs — beyond the mere fact of possession. In addition, ways to improve our reading experience are not just some simple adjustments of our book selections and read preferences. Certain useful tools such as PDF Reader Pro are widely applied while reading PDFs.

Better Than Reading a Book

Frankly speaking, PDF Reader Pro is one of the best PDF Readers I've ever seen and used. It contains many useful features in one application. I can easily get the free trial from the official website. For the price this is absolutely one of the best alternatives to Adobe Reader. I have bought PDF Reader Pro for Windows. That should give a picture of how great this software is. Most importantly, it is pretty reading-friendly. 

As a professor of medicine, I have to deal with stacks of PDFs including medical books and papers every day. I can totally customize my e-book reading experience within PDF Reader Pro Windows. I’m deeply surprised to find it better than reading a paper book. It’s truly marvelous, impeccable and excellent with multiple reading modes, theme colors, background colors and more to decide the way to read.

Better than reading a book

Read in split view mode & multi-tab viewer

Without a doubt, this is the best PDF app. I've used a lot of PDF Readers, which are either overhyped or complex. PDF Reader Pro is the simplest and most complete, with many free tools. It meets all my needs for PDF reading. Best of all, it's very easy to use. There is no doubt that I will be using it as it makes my work more productive.

In my daily work, I often have to compare two PDFs simultaneously and open different PDFs as separate tabs within a single window. This was a huge problem for me until I met the PDF Reader Pro Windows. What an amazing thing to edit, read and check your information and do some text comparisons at one time with split view mode. PDF Reader Pro has already done so! It enables us to handle multi-tasks without scrolling pages, thus offering a more effective reading experience.

Split view

Annotate to memorize 

Also, when I read a PDF file, I need to do some annotations. I have owned this app on the Windows side for a while, this PDF program has potential. 

While reading, I can annotate and mark up PDFs using a complete set of commenting tools to highlight the part I’d like to memorize. Also, the different colors and types of annotation tools can distinguish various comments. Annotating PDFs is better and more efficient than writing them down on paper. I really recommend PDF Reader Pro Windows because it can set a preferred page size, orientation, number of pages and print a PDF along with all the annotations. What’s more, I've been informed that the next version of PDF Reader Pro Windows will soon be available for text editing, which supports editing PDF texts while reading. Fantastic!!!

Annotate to memorize

Oh my God! PDF Reader Pro Windows is truly the Cadillac of PDF Readers. It turns out to be the prime alternative in the aspects of enriching reading experience. I’m looking forward to hearing more from you guys about simplifying reading with PDF Reader Pro Windows!

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