How to Combine Multiple Documents into One PDF?

Fri. 27 May. 202215263


There are many occasions in our lives when we need to combine documents. For example, there are always many similar files saved on our computer or mobile phone. Some of these files are often duplicated but have different new viewpoints. In this case, two or more files need to be merged. This makes it easier to read and search when stored and saves storage space. Now, you may still doubt the effect of merging. Let's look at the following scenario, perhaps you will discover the importance of merging you didn't realize.


Today, whether at work or study, we often rely on teamwork to move projects forward. Assign a complex task to each person, and then the team aggregates the results together. This approach significantly improves efficiency. However, the last person to sum up the results is often more distressed. Faced with several files from other members, he had to manually copy and paste all the documents into one document. When a lot of effort is spent checking the document correctly, he needs to convert the documents into PDF files and share them. Make sure the document is formatted for others to read.


Everyone's habit of using office software is different, someone used to use Word, someone used to use Excel, someone used to use PPT and so on. Summarizers often get mad when merging files in different formats. Not only do they have to switch back and forth between several different files, but it can also be harder to put changes together because the format is not uniform. Now PDF Reader Pro solves all these problems at once. As an all-in-one PDF office, it has powerful conversion and merge functions.


Launch PDF reader pro, Tap File on the main menu and click New. Click New From File, then you can select other formats like Word, Excel, PPT and more on the desktop and open it as PDF directly. After converting all documents that need to be summarized into PDF documents. There are three basic ways to merge PDF files.


Option 1:

1. Select Editor on the toolbar -> Merge -> Add Files.

2. Add one or more PDF files to merge in batch.

3. Set the page size as desired.




Option 2:

1. Tap File on the main menu -> Merge PDF Files.

2. Select the PDF file(s) you want to add and press Open.


main menu


Option 3: 

1. Click Tools on the main menu -> Editor -> Merge.

2. Add Files you want to combine.

3. Set the Page size as desired.


setting panel


To better summarize the data, or for the needs of later work and study. Merging pdf files is one of the most important data integration methods. Download PDF reader pro and improve your efficiency today.



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