How to Create a PDF in Easy Ways?

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This week, our user said that more and more people are using PDF documents whether in life or at work. So how exactly do you create a PDF document?

Nowadays, because of the increasing use of PDF documents, more and more PDF editing software has poured into the public's field of vision. At the same time, the ways to create PDF documents are more and more diverse. As we know, PDF Reader Pro is one of the smartest PDF software. Here I take it as an example, let us talk about how different people create PDFs in different situations by using PDF Reader Pro!

1. How to create a new blank page?

2. How to create a PDF from images?

3. How to create a PDF from files?

4. How to create a PDF in Print on Windows?

How to create a new blank page?

If you are working in the office and you need to create many forms or other documents, you will love to create a PDF on a blank page, so that you can customize text and images. There are two methods in PDF Reader Pro to create a new blank page.

Method 1:Firstly, you have to launch the PDF Reader Pro and then click the icon of Create PDF on the home page.


Click create PDF


Method 2:You also can tap the icon of File in the toolbar and select Create PDF, then hit New Blank Page.

Tap the icon of file


How to create a PDF from images?

If you are a photographer, you take many photos a day. At the end of the day, maybe you want to create a photo album to save all the pictures you have photographed. Or if you are an artist, maybe you have to create a portfolio quickly to display your painting to your leaders, teachers, friends, or other people. PDF Reader Pro can help you to achieve your dreams now! It supports you to create PDF documents from images!

Method 1:You can tap the icon of File in the toolbar at first, and select Create PDF, then hit the New From Image. You can select the image you want and click the icon of Open.

Method 2:You also can convert your images into PDF files.

  • Step 1: You have to click the Converter on the toolbar and choose the Image to PDF.

  • Step 2: Then you should select the Add Files to import images.

  • Step 3: Then, you can tap the Abstract, and you can set your file’s Title, Author, and Subtitle. The Permission section allows you to set a password and set the permission for printing and copying. This can help you to secure your document!

  • Step 4: You also can tap Layout, you can set the Page Size, Page Margins, and Page Number for your documents conveniently and quickly.

  • Step 5: After setting your file information and page layouts, you can tap Save as PDF, then choose an output folder and you will get one PDF file.


Convert image into PDF


The two methods are so easy! But you have to pay attention to an important thing! We only support you to create a new PDF from an image in the form of png, jpg, jpeg, BMP, tiff, and gif now.

How to create a PDF from files?

Sometimes we are accustomed to creating a file in different forms, such as doc, txt, ppt, or others. There is a problem that we may open a document that is composed of garbled words. What a pity! In order to prevent this thing, you have to convert your files into PDF files.

Don’t worry, we can help you! In PDF Reader Pro, you can create a new PDF file in the form of txt, doc, docx, docm, dot, dotx, dotm, xls, xlsx, xlsm, xlsb, xlam, xltx, ppt, pptx, pptm, pptsx, pps, pptsm, pot and potm. How to create a PDF document from the files in these forms?

You can tap the icon of File in the toolbar and select the Create PDF, then you have to hit New From File. Finally, you just need to select the file you want and click the icon of Open.

How to create a PDF in Print on Windows?

If your computer system is Windows, there is a surprising way to create a PDF document! You can use the Print Menu, then you will create a new PDF file quickly. Every software that is eligible to print documents can achieve this goal. How to Create a PDF in using a Print Menu?

  • Step 1: You can right-click your file and choose the Print.

  • Step 2:Then you can choose the Microsoft to PDF.

  • Step 3:You have to click on Print and choose the location of your PDF file.


Create PDF in Print


Do you have any better and more convenient ways to create PDFs? Come to share with us! We will also continue to develop new ways to create PDFs, so if you have a good suggestion, please send us emails at [email protected]

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