How to Create an Ebook with PDF?

Tue. 15 Nov. 20228123 Mins

Reading helps us to gain valuable knowledge and exercise our brains. Nowadays, eBook enjoys higher popularity compared to printed books. Why do so many people consider e-books as their first choice? Portability is a significant reason. Therefore, authors and creators of published books have been gradually encouraged to make digital versions of their works thanks to the advantages they offer. So a proper eBook maker is necessary if you want to create a beautiful eBook.



How to Create an Ebook with PDF Reader Pro?

1. Make an eBook Cover

  • Choose a Topic

The goal of your ebook is to generate leads for your sales team. Therefore, the topic should match your audience's needs. A simple and catchy title will definitely bring you more viewers. With PDF Reader Pro, you can easily add or edit a title by clicking Text. It is also possible to change text font and color to maximize the effect and attract readers.



  • Insert Pictures

A beautiful picture can also attract a lot of reader. In addition, creating a balanced page layout can promote comfortable reading. PDF Reader Pro allows you to insert pictures into your PDFs. By resizing or moving the picture and text frame, you can optimize your page layout.


2. Write and Edit Content

Have you already decided on your topic?  Go ahead! You can directly type on a PDF. Don’t forget the header and footer, which enables the reader to easily navigate the document. 


While you are writing, various editing tools can help you enrich your content, such as adding background, changing font style or color, and adding an image and watermark, making your eBook more aesthetically pleasing.



If you have already prepared content in Word, things get a whole lot easier. Converter tool can help you convert Word to PDF, and then you can easily modify the text by clicking Edit PDF.


3. Create Outlines for Your Ebook

Outlines help your readers jump to the specific part and find needed information quickly. Thus, after finishing your writing, don’t forget to create outlines for your eBook. You can add an outline for each chapter so that the reader can be navigated to corresponding parts when clicking the outline.


Click + to add a new item to the current page. If you want to show more detailed information, choose Add Sub-Items. All the outlines will be shown in the left panel. 



4. Save eBook as PDF Format

Since PDF is widely used all around the world, we recommend you save it as PDF so you can read the eBook anywhere without the limitation of devices, which means you can view it on a phone, a Pad, or a computer.

Other Useful Ebook Creator

1. Adobe Indesign

Adobe Indesign, a professional design and layout software, is designed by Adobe company. It is ideal for creating content from eBooks to flyers, digital magazines, and posters, becoming the most popular creator and editor. However, the price is also relatively high.


2. Canva

If you want to make a cover or a poster, Canva must be a desirable option. After signing up for free, you can find many eBook templates in Canva, which offers you a wealth of stock images and elements that are more than 1 million. Meanwhile, it is so considerate that you can change the size and color of the text as well as edit the element. But pay attention that never shares with business purpose when the pictures are labeled with paid if you haven't bought them.


3. FlipHTML5

FlipHTML5 customizes your HTML5 flipbooks with over 10 book templates and themes. You can upload your PDF file to FlipHTML5, then it will convert the original file into a flipping book. In addition, you are able to enrich your content by adding a video, audio, a picture, etc. However, you are not allowed to edit the text that is already on the page. So you have to make sure that there is no mistakes in the original PDF files.


4. Book Creator

You will be delighted to find this software if you are a teacher because it is designed for educators and students. Not only does it provide you with beautifully eBook-designed templates, but it also offers you some ideas and thoughts for a creative class.


You can choose the proper software according to your preference. However, we highly recommend you use PDF Reader Pro because it helps you to create an eBook from the cover design to content typing. With the one-stop service, you can get your work done without seeking help from other software. 

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