Create and Edit Outlines in PDF Reader Pro Windows Quick and Easy

Thu. 22 Sep. 202215673 Mins

A PDF should be systematic, logical, and clear. In this case, outlines are a powerful way to make your PDFs look just that. By creating an outline, you can get many advantages when you look for informations or when you read your document.


Today, PDF files are very common for exchanging information. Writing a good and organized outline can help the reader to understand the information clearly. It also helps the reader to find the information they want quickly. PDF Reader Pro Windows can help you to make or edit outlines that are practical, easy, and fast.


How to Create an Outline in PDF with PDF Reader Pro Windows?

PDF Reader Pro Windows is one of the best PDF editing software you can find. It has many advanced features that can help you more easily read or edit your documents. One of the feature that we are talking about right now is creating an outline, which is very fundamental when writing or reading a document. Now I am gonna tell you how you can create an outline for your PDF in PDF Reader Pro Windows easily and quickly;


1. Launch PDF Reader Pro Windows and then, click "Open Files",



2. After opening a document, you will see a panel on your left screen. Right below the search, thumbnail, and annotation, and right above the bookmark. 



3.   You can make a new outline by clicking the "plus" button next to the "search button". Each time you jump to a new page, you can click a new outline from that page.



How to Edit an Outline in PDF with PDF Reader Pro Windows?


We have learned how to create an outline in PDF. Now, let's proceed with how to edit an outline in PDF. PDF Reader Pro Windows offers various outline features for you to make your document looks as organized as ever. Open the document needed and go to the panel on your left screen, there you see the outline that you have created. These are the features for your outlines;



1. Add item and sub-item

We'll start with how you can add item and sub-item to your outline. Adding an item would be the same with creating an outline and we talked about that in the previous section. For adding a sub-item, right click on the needed outline, go to needed page, and click "Add Sub-Item". 



2. Remove an outline

To remove an outline, just simply right click on the outline you want to remove and click "Remove".


3. Edit an outline

Right click on the outline you want to edit and you will find several options there. Click "Edit". You can rename your outline title or change your outline destination page. There you go!



4. Rename an outline

Quickly rename your outline with just one click. Right click on the needed outline and click "Rename".



5. Change destinations

You can change your outline destination page by clicking "Change Destination". First go to the needed page, and then right click the needed outline and click "change destination". There would be a pop-up on your screen like below image and click "Yes". The outline will automatically change its page to the corresponding page.  



6. Promote and Demote

PDF Reader Pro Windows also supports promoting and demoting an outline. Promoting an outline means that the outline moves to the left or up a level while demoting an outline means that the outline moves to the right or down a level. To promote or demote an outline, simply right click the needed outline and click "Promote/Demote".  



7. Change Order

You can easily change the order of your outline by dragging the needed outline to the position that you want (up or down).


Outline is essential in your document! Why?


- Outlines make your document look systematic, logical, clear, structured, and organized.


- Ensure that the writing is conceptual, thorough, and directed.


- Makes it easier for writers to create different climaxes. Each part also has its own climax in its section. It will also captivate the reader continuously towards the main climax on each section.


- To avoid working on the same topic twice or more.


- Easier to find the material that you need.




So that's how you create and edit an outline for your PDF documents. By creating an outline, your document will look organized, and finding the most important thing that you want in a file will be a piece of cake. If you are a Windows user, PDF Reader Pro Windows is an excellent software for you. It is fast, easy to use, and the result is outstanding. PDF Reader Pro Windows is ready to help you to carry out whatever your task is. So go download now!

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