Create Outline & View PDF in Slideshow with PDF Reader Pro for Windows V2.4.0

Mon. 19 Sep. 202210623 Mins

We have received some suggestions from our customers recently. They wondered if they can view PDFs in Slideshow or Text Reflow Mode, or create the outlines for PDFs. Once we received the advice, we optimized functions, and we are glad to tell you that PDF Reader Pro V2.4.0 for Windows is coming, which can fully meet the requirements, allowing you to read PDFs in various modes and modify the outlines as you wish!


What functions have we updated for you in V2.4.0? Before reading this article, here is an overview for you to get a first look at the new features.

1. Create an Outline for Your PDF Freely

2. Turn Your PDF into a Slideshow

3. View PDF in Text Reflow Mode


Create an Outline for Your PDF Freely

Why an Outline is Important?

What will you do if you want to jump to a specific chapter when browsing a scientific paper? Is there a useful tool for you to get a quick understanding of the content and structure of a passage? PDF Reader Pro helps you to create a table of content so that you can be navigated to a specific page quickly and find the important information.


Creating outlines greatly simplifies working with large documents. By viewing the outline or the table of content, the readers can easily understand the hierarchy of a document and can find the required section.


How to Create an Outline for Your PDFs?

In PDF Reader Pro V2.4.0, you can create or edit an outline by adding an item, deleting an item, renaming an item, reordering the items, and promoting and demoting an item.


  • How to Add New Outline?

To add a new outline, click Outline on the left side. Turn to the needed page and tap Plus Button + on the top of the panel to add an outline item for the current page; 

You had better rename the item for better retrieval. 



  • How to Edit an Outline?

If you can’t see the outline panel, click the triangle in the top left to show the panel. Here, you’ll see a list of outlines, right-click the outline item to rename, reorder, edit, promote, and demote. 


  • How to Delete an Outline?

To remove a single item, you can easily right-click the item, and choose Remove;

To remove all the items, Click More on the top right corner of the panel, then select Remove All the Items.


Turn Your PDF into a Slideshow

What is the Slideshow Mode in PDF? Just as you would present a PowerPoint file, you can show your PDFs page by page, and the pages will fill the entire screen. All the toolbar and task panels are hidden for a better reading experience.


Why do You Present PDF Like a Powerpoint?

PDF enjoys high popularity due to its ability to keep the same content and layout no matter what device you use to view it. However, it becomes cumbersome when you need to present your teammates the data or a marketing plan in PDF format as you have to hide all the toolbars to maximize the viewing area. For a better presentation, PDF Reader Pro makes it easy to switch to Slideshow Mode if you want to show your file to your clients or team members. Not only can you read the page slide by slide without any toolbars, but you can also highlight the key point during your presentation.


How to Turn PDF into Slideshow?

Click the Page Display on the toolbar and choose Slideshow, then do one of the following to present your content to your audience.

  • Tap Laser Pen to highlight the part you are explaining;


  • Select one of the four colors on the top, and draw freely to emphasize the key point.




View PDF in Text Reflow Mode

In Text Reflow mode, only the written texts within the document appear; the toolbars, task panels, and tab/window controls on the reading page are hidden.


How does Text Reflow Mode Help You Work Effectively?

It is such a dilemma when lots of images, annotations, and tables fill your document and you just want to view the text quickly. You may feel annoyed when you keep scrolling your mouse to skip these images. PDF Reader Pro gives you a solution to this dilemma. Turn on Text Reflow Mode to view the text only, which can greatly save you time.


How to View PDF in Text Reflow Mode?

Click Page Display on the toolbar and choose Text Reflow, then you can change the size of the font and the color of the background according to your preference.

  • Change Font: Click Font on the top of the page, then adjust the size of the font and change font freely;
  • Adjust Background Color: There are 3 colors for you to choose from, select one of the colors on the top of the page to make a change.



To get advanced features, we highly recommend you update PDF Reader Pro to the latest version. Besides the features we mentioned above, we have also optimized running and activating PDF Reader pro on Virtual Machine, upgraded redact PDFs to secure your sensitive content, improve performance, and fixed some tiny bugs for a smooth operation. Click PDF Reader Pro to know more about us or process your file with a 7-day free trial version now. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] if there is any problem

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