How to Create PDF Forms on Windows?

Thu. 31 Mar. 202213273

In the past, when PDF was not yet popular, many forms were presented as Word documents. How many times have you opened a Word document only to see that the elaborate table format was misaligned and the location of the data was not in the initial position? We have all had this experience, haven't we? With PDF forms, you don't have to worry about that. Because of its reliability, once a PDF form is created, where all the data such as paragraphs, images, vector graphics, etc. They will always be displayed in exactly the same way, no matter where you view them. Make sure that the information you want to convey is delivered as you really intend.

The Types of PDF Forms

There are two types of form files in PDF format. One is a PDF file with fillable fields that you can fill out directly by clicking on the form fields without using other features, which is known as interactive PDF forms. Another form is a plain PDF file with lines and text that cannot be filled out directly, which is known as a non-interactive PDF form. When you open an interactive PDF form, it automatically recognizes areas that can be filled, which is very simple, just click on it and type it like Word. But when you open a non-interactive PDF form, you will find that there is no response when you click on the mouse, and you cannot enter information at all. At this point you can add form fields where needed by creating a form.

The Users of PDF Forms

The question is, who needs to use PDF forms? Whether you're a data processor or someone who needs a simple and effective way to create or fill out PDF forms, you can't do without this helper. What would you do if you were a staff member who collected information and received dozens of applications in PDF format, each of which required you to make a corresponding annotation? Maybe you're used to printing them out, filling them out and scanning them. No, no, no! You'll find that doing so really consumes time and effort. If you are a workplace white who is looking for a job, you need to fill out a job application form at this time, what will you do? Convert a PDF to Word and then fill in the message? When you upload this document without thinking, and even miss the job you want, you don't understand why, until you open it again and find that the format is a mess, then you suddenly realize. What a loss! There are too many situations that can't be repeated here, but a professional PDF editor can solve this problem perfectly, and now we have PDF Reader Pro.

How to Use PDF Forms in PDFs

PDF Reader Pro helps you easily create and edit forms. All you need is to open the file you need, tap the Form on the toolbar, and everything you need will be presented to you at a glance. I'll walk you through each feature in detail next.


Text Field: Allows the users to type text, such as a name, an address, or a phone number.

Check box: Displays Yes or No selections for individual items. If the form contains more than one check box, the users can usually select it as needed.

Radio Button: Displays a set of options from which the user can select only one. All radio buttons with the same name work together as a group.

List Box: Displays a list of options that the users can select, or type a value.

Combo Box: Allows the users to select an item from the pop-up menu, or type a value. 

Button: Promotes changes on the user's computer, such as page jumps and web page jumps. These buttons can be customized through visible changes triggered by mouse action.

Signature: Adds your signature to the form after clicking on the signature field element.

In addition to the features mentioned above, there is a cross axis to help you accurately determine the position.

Forms often contain a lot of important data and sensitive information, and PDF Reader Pro can encrypt the document to prevent your secrets from being leaked in transit. Try PDF Reader Pro for free! Helps you deal with all the difficult problems about the forms more efficiently and accurately.

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