eBook vs PDF – Which One Do You Need?

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What's the difference between PDF and eBook? How do you choose? Check out this guide from definition and benefits to compare against your needs. 

The mainstream formats of ebooks are EPUB and PDF, but the eBook we usually refer to is EPUB format, which is a format that needs to be read through special reading software or equipment. It's difficult to decide which is the best for you, because there are too many differences between them, especially when you need to read a large number of digital documents for work or study, you should consider this option carefully.

Before deciding which format is best for your reading environment, please read the introduction of eBook and PDF.


1. What is eBook?

2. What is PDF?

3. How to choose the format you need?  






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Since an eBook needs to make full use of the functions of an electronic book reader, it must have one or both of these two formats: MOBI and EPUB. EPUB format is an e-book format specially designed for e-book readers. Amazon's Kindle uses a format called MOBI, but it is actually a variant of EPUB.

Features Benefits

  • EPUB is an open standard.

EPUB is not proprietary in nature,which is free and publicly available. Anyone can make eBooks without any specialized software.

  • eBooks are reflowable.

There are no headers and footers in the ebook because there is no "page" set. The text flows smoothly throughout the chapter, allowing the reader to zoom in or out at will. The font size and style of the e-book, as well as the line spacing and "page" margins, can be changed by the reader on the device.

  • eBooks are easy to read even on devices with small screens.

The eBook can automatically reflow the content on the handheld device and hyphenate the words; EPUB/MOBI files consume very little memory, so people can install more files on their eBook reading devices. eBook works better with their various eBook readers and tablets. It allows them to make more customizations.



PDF Document

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The Portable Document Format (PDF) is the most widely used electronic document format. The electronic books in PDF format are easy to find online. Many academic materials are only in PDF format, and almost all platforms support PDF. 

Features & Benefits

  • PDFs can be easily printed by the user.

PDFs are the best option for anything that will be physically printed. The headers, footers, page numbers, graphics, and other formatting features of a PDF book match perfectly with the computer screen. It can be said that a PDF book is literally a printed copy page by page.  

  •  PDFs are fixed format and very accurate.

PDF files are not reflowable. But it’s easy to use, distribute and share.  It can keep the original chart, illustrations, embedded fonts and other complex typesetting. When you switch from one device to another, the PDF does not resize or change layout, which is why the PDF is ideal as an eBook format that requires a specific format, or a manuscript is a detailed graphic.

  • PDFs are suitable for large screen reading. 

PDFs are generally unable to adapt to the screen. Many people are reading on their mobile phones, but imagine reducing a printed book to the size of a mobile phone, which would make reading difficult.


How to choose the format you need?

Having said that, every feature of eBooks and PDF has two sides. Therefore, if you do not know what device you will use to view the file and the content of the file is more important than the form, eBooks are the way to go. 

eBooks provide an excellent reading experience, but as things stand, PDFs are more popular than eBooks. The key reason is that PDF provides more flexibility, such as the freedom to annotate PDF books or to sign or stamp PDF documents. Besides, PDF is very suitable for sharing documents between colleagues or classmates.


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