Is It Possible to Edit PDF Like Word?

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When you need a document that looks the same no matter which application or device you use to open the file, PDF will always be the one you need. The PDF file format is the most popular today, mainly thanks to its well-preserving quality and formatting of documents. 

Handling PDF files is absolutely an inevitable part of our work daily. Viewing and annotating PDFs is so simple that you can easily highlight text, underline text, fill out forms, and even add comments on your PDFs. However, when you need to edit the text part in your PDF files, is it possible to edit a PDF like Word?

Don’t worry! We will discuss the feasibility of solving the puzzle about PDF editing.





Quora's Discussion on Possibility to Edit PDF Like Word

Quora is a new question-and-answer site on which PDF users from various industries express their views on editing PDF. Why is it generally impossible to edit PDF files like Microsoft Word documents?

Some of them think it is impossible to edit the PDF, which is determined by the characteristics of the PDF.

Because that’s the point of PDF files. They weren’t originally designed for editing. They’re converted into PDF so that the integrity of the document information will be retained. 

— Laura Christina Warren, Trainer at Microsoft

The point of PDFs is they should look exactly as the sender intended. Once they become more than slightly editable, that is no longer achievable. 

— Rachel Reiss, Book Designer

To summarize, the reason it’s nearly impossible to easily edit PDF files is that the files were not designed to be edited and the software used to edit them when it is possible requires one to learn a different skill set from the one they normally use to edit text documents. 

—Rick Chadderdon, IT Consultant 

Because PDF is designed that way. It is intended as a final format for a document, not a format for continued editing and modification. In fact, one of its huge advantages is that it cannot easily be modified. If you want to change a PDF, change the source document from which it was generated and recreate it, which should be readily accessible if you hold the rights to the document.

—Anthony Atkielski, PDF Reader

Some of these PDF experts have put forward completely different opinions. They think that editing PDF can be as easy as editing Word if you choose a suitable PDF editor or unique skill.

The PDF format has been designed with the intention to look the same on any platform, thus it may look more difficult to edit and the editing options are limited, but in fact, editing of a pdf file is quite easy.

— Michal Svoboda, Science and Technology Officer

The PDF format was designed to send a document across all machines and OP Systems and it should still be readable. However, this does not mean that you cannot edit a PDF document like a Word document. Of course, you can.

— Ugur Akinci, MS Office Certified Specialist

In that case, a text extraction tool such as PDF-to-Text or PDF-to-HTML can be useful. Then the user can load the extracted text into a word processor such as LibreOffice Writer, or a plain old text editor, fix all the ordering that the utility couldn’t understand and get wrong, make the desired changes, and output a new PDF from that.

— Brenton Chapin, PDF Reader


Use a Powerful Tool to Edit Text Directly Within a PDF

Judging from the discussions in Quora, many PDF experts said that editing PDF is as possible as Word. How can we achieve it? Many free PDF applications support viewing PDF files, but what free software can edit PDF files like Word?

With the development of technology in today's world, most PDF files and forms are editable. However, we need to pay attention to the fact that there are several cases in which PDF files cannot be edited.

  • The PDF file you own is encrypted and you do not have access to the correct password. 

  • The PDF file is digitally signed to prevent information from being changed.

  • If the PDF is made up of scanned images instead of OCR text or text, you won't be able to make direct changes. 

If your PDF is an unrestricted original document, you can edit it when you have a PDF editor. Of course, you need to carefully choose a PDF editor that suits you best, instead of using an ordinary PDF viewer.

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Edit PDF


PDF Reader Pro for Windows V1.1.0 offers the following PDF editing features:

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  • Convert to Office format: Quickly convert PDFs to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Text and Images like JPEG and PNG

  • Batch convert: Batch convert multiple PDF files simultaneously

  • Smart ruler guides: Straight vertical or horizontal lines smartly move with your click and help you accurately align text

  • Automatically target full text: Full text is automatically selected and segmented

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