How to Fill Out Forms in PDFs?

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PDF files have been seen everywhere in our lives. Due to its irreplaceable advantages, more and more forms are also using PDF format. Some people think PDF forms are great. Forms that you have crafted yourself will no longer be messed up by recipients for external reasons, such as compatibility. Others argue that while the format has become fixed, it has also become hard to change.


Now we need to understand why your PDF form cannot be edited directly. This type of form is usually a normal PDF file with lines and text that cannot be filled directly. Also known as a non-interactive PDF form. The other category is PDF files with fillable fields. You can fill out forms directly by clicking on the form fields, also known as interactive PDF forms. Regardless of the type of form, PDF Reader Pro can help you easily fill out what you need.




Click Form in the toolbar and you will see the following.


Text Field: Allows the users to type text, such as a name, an address, or a phone number.


Check box: Displays Yes or No selections for individual items. If the form contains more than one check box, the users can usually select it as needed.


Radio Button: Displays a set of options from which the user can select only one. All radio buttons with the same name work together as a group.


List Box: Displays a list of options that the users can select, or type a value.


Combo Box: Allows the users to select an item from the pop-up menu, or type a value. 


Button: Promotes changes on the user's computer, such as page jumps and web page jumps. These buttons can be customized through visible changes triggered by mouse action.


Signature: Adds your signature to the form after clicking on the signature field element.


The above series of tools can meet all your form filling needs. Now someone might ask, how do I create my own form besides filling it out? PDF Reader Pro can also help you create personal forms from scratch. You can create a form using one of the following methods:


  • Convert existing electronic documents, such as Microsoft Word or Excel documents, to PDF format.

  • Scan the paper form and convert it to PDF format.


After converting an existing document to PDF format, you can add fields to convert it to a tabular form.

Is this form still not personalized enough? Then start here to create and edit your personal custom forms. You can add the desired text and labels to a blank PDF, and then add form fields to complete the forms.


  • Tap File in the main menu bar -> hit New Blank Page in the main menu bar.

  • Or click Create PDF on the home page -> choose New Blank Page.

  • Select Edit PDF in the toolbar -> type whatever text you want.

  • Click Tools in the toolbar -> insert the images or tables you need, you can drag and drop them to the specified position, and you can also resize them.

  • Use the Form tools we mentioned earlier to enrich the forms.

  • Hit Tools in the toolbar -> click the signature icon to sign your forms.


The following is a simple form I made according to the above methods, so get started on creating your own form.


create forms


The created form needs to be transmitted to others immediately? Tap Share in the toolbar or hit Share in the main menu bar to send your document.


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