Filmage Editor is Coming! Edit Any Videos with Ease

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Filmage Editor, a professional and easy-to-use video editor, has been launched recently! Maybe you want to make videos but still are looking for an easy and powerful editing software. Maybe you plan to use a new editor and experience more exclusive functions. If so, you must download Filmage Editor and have a try. Click here to download Filmage Editor freely from AppStore.

Filmage Editor


Filmage Editor provides complete basic functions like splitting and merging videos, adding motion subtitles and more. Also provides advanced settings including keyframes to create smooth dynamic changing, picture-in-picture effect to make reaction videos and more. As your editing experience accumulates, you will find more useful functions in Filmage Editor. It can help your work from beginning stages to middle or higher levels. Filmage Editor is a good option as your first video-making software.


Everything About Filmage Editor You Should Know

1. Functions & Guides of Filmage Editor

2. Filmage Editor vs Other Video Editing Tools



1. Functions & Guides of Filmage Editor




Add Filters to Correct Video Color

Filters can brighten or darken a video by a click. You can change the tone of a video without much effort. There are totally 48 kinds of filters. To create an atmosphere of old-school or 1980s, you can add a yellow tone filter to your video. To create a classic style video, you can add a black and white filter. Besides, if you want to adjust the fine setting of color, you can use “Viewer” of color. There, contrast, saturation, sharpen, color temperature and so on can be adjusted by sliding dots.  


Filmage Editor



Edit Audios To Improve Audio Quality

Professional audio equalizer helps you modify the audio through different presets and parameter settings. And basic editing like volume level and tone are adjustable in “Viewer” of audio. You can also use the function of "Remove Background Noise" for better audio quality and audio fading effects to make natural transitions.


Filmage Editor



Slow-Motion For Stunning Feelings

Slow-motion is often used in scenery or character’s actions shooting. It can emphasize a good moment and show stylish film-quality. You can make slow-motion within two steps by Filmage Editor. Just select the video clip first. Then use “Speed Control” to slow down framerate. And film-quality footage is made!


Filmage Editor


Picture-In-Picture Effect Like Magic

Have you ever watched a reaction video published in YouTube? Or thought it a awesome video editing? Well, it is the application of picture-in-picture effect. Filmage Editor adopts the multiple track design. You can make a video overlay and transform two video sizes flexibly to include a small video on a big one. Next time, make your own reaction video and share it on YouTube.


Filmage Editor


Keyframes To Create Smooth Dynamic Animation

Using keyframes can fill in the gap of two editing situations in a video by smooth dynamic animation. Two keyframes mark the start and the end of the animation respectively. You can use the function and make a wide variety of effects, including zooming in and out, rotating videos and changing the opacity to create fading in and out effect. The animation can be added between two clips as the cool and distinctive transition.


Filmage Editor   


Recording Screen, Web Camera Or Audio

Filmage Editor not only serves as a video editor, but also has recording functions. You can use Filmage Editor to record videos for teaching or presentation. Then edit them in the same software. Besides, you can use the audio recording function to make a voiceover for your video. Filmage Editor supports screen, web camera and audio recording. It can also record the screen of iOS devices. And please make sure the device is connected to Mac. 


Filmage Editor


Filmage Editor can unleash your creativity and turn your ideas into your own videos through easy operations and complete functions.


2. Filmage Editor vs Other Video Editing Tools


Filmage Editor vs Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro has more professional settings than Filmage Editor. But you need to spend more time on learning PR as well. By contrast, Filmage Editor is more user-friendly. You won’t be confused about the usage of functions. Most of them work through clicking. Now to download Filmage Editor is charge for free. You can click here to download Filmage Editor ‍from AppStore.


Filmage Editor  Adobe Premiere Pro


Filmage Editor vs DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is the only software tool that combines editing, color correction, visual effects, motion graphics and audio post production in one. Users have to edit different content in different pages. For some beginners or middle users, too many pages might add extra burden. Well, Filmage Editor adopts the clear and simple interface. It provides convenience for users.


Filmage Editor  DaVinci Resolve


Filmage Editor vs Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is a powerful editing tool. It offers abundant resources of music, text, transitions and other effects. Filmage Editor doesn’t have such a large number of build-in resources but new items are kept on updating.


Filmage Editor  Wondershare Filmora



Filmage Editor is a professional and easy-to-use video editor. It offers the functions of splitting and merging videos, adding motion subtitles and more. And offers advanced settings like audio equalizer, keyframes, recording screen, adding mosaic and more. Filmage Editor can help you make vlogs or tutorial, presentation and reaction videos. After you finish the editing, you can export the video and share it on YouTube or other platforms. Now, Filmage Editor is already on the shelves. You can free download Filmage Editor from AppStore. If you have any questions, please email us to [email protected] Click here to find our channel in YouTube.



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