PDF Reader Pro is a Good Choice for Visually Impaired

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Do you know what the world looks like to the visually impaired? They look at the world as a veil over their eyes. Everything is so blurry that they can't feel the details integrally.

World Health Organization releases the first World Report on Vision and stated that more than 2.2 billion people worldwide are visually impaired or blind. Such a large group seems to be often ignored by us. In fact, like many people with normal vision, the visually impaired group is self-improving and loves life. They are also engaged in a variety of occupations and keep up with the progress of the times strongly.

This is the age of information, lots of information is now transmitted in digital communication formats, especially in PDF documents. For example, we often publish work assignments in PDF documents in the workplace. In real life, many news, articles, and e-books are also available as PDF documents for people to download and read offline.

However, in some PDFs, the font is small and the low contrast between text and background, etc. These problems make it difficult for the visually impaired to read PDFs. Now, don’t worry about that, PDF Reader Pro for Windows can come in handy.


1.  PDF Convert helps you convert a document to editable text quickly

2.  OCR is an excellent technology to extract the unsearchable text

3.  Dark Mode does well in improving color contrast

4.  The Outline helps you understand the document at the first glance




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PDF Convert helps you convert a document to editable text quickly

Visually impaired people's eyesight is relatively fragile, so it will be hard for you to read small fonts and a document with very small spacing between sentences. When you get a PDF document like that, you may want to edit the text. Or sometimes, you need to convert PDF into other formats.

PDF Reader Pro for Windows offers the best pdf to Office Converter offline to help you convert PDF to Word/PPT/Excel without changing the fonts and layouts, including bullets and tables. It converts documents very efficiently, so it will save much time for you. Then you can enlarge the font and adjust the text in the document that was successfully converted. (The documents must be searchable)

1.  Tap Converter on the toolbar.

2.  Select target formats: To Word (.docx), To PPT (.pptx), To Excel and set Page Range.

3.  Click Convert and choose an output folder to start PDF converting.

4.  Hit Batch to add more files to convert simultaneously. 

OCR is an excellent technology to extract the unsearchable text

According to a survey, most visually impaired people rely on on-screen reading when operating a computer or mobile phone. Therefore, you need to extract the text and import it into the screen-reading software or convert it into fonts such as Tiresias, which has been designed for visually impaired people and is used for TV subtitles.

However, sometimes you may have the question that your image-based or scanned PDF is unsearchable and not editable. What should we do? OCR will enable you to convert scanned PDFs to searchable PDFs. It helps you to extract the text and save it as TXT or PDF. Then you can edit it freely.

1.  Tap OCR on the toolbar.

2.  Choose the right page scope and language.

3.  Click the OCR button.

4.  Choose Save as PDF or Save as TXT. 



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Dark Mode does well in improving color contrast

Generally, visually impaired people are insensitive to colors and need sharp color contrasts to read the text more clearly.

Dark Mode overcomes this insurmountable problem. When you use this technology, you will find that the text can be contrasted with the background. It helps you to read the text more clearly.

The background color can also be changed freely. You can change the background to your favorite color or adjust to the mode that best suits your reading.

1.  Tap Page Display on the reading page and click Themes.

2.  Choose a Dark theme or other color themes. 

The Outline helps you understand the document at the first glance

In some cases, visually impaired people are more liable to eye fatigue when reading documents. Prolonged e-reading can also take a toll on their vision. When there are many documents or a lot of content, they need to spend a long time reading the documents.

If you hope you can understand the document structure for the first time or it is difficult for you to read many words. The technology of Outline solves this problem perfectly. It displays the subject content of the document in a beautiful form and can help you to understand the document directly.

1.  Tap the icon of Outline on the left of the reading page.



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It is a physical regret for the visually impaired to be unable to recognize this beautiful world with eyes, but it is our responsibility to enable the visually impaired to read conveniently. We will also continue to attach great importance to this and introduce more technologies to help you!



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