How to Create a PDF Fillable Form on Mac

Mon. 18 Jan. 202189273

2020 has had a substantial impact on the world. One of the biggest changes is that we rely more on the Internet to help us work or study remotely. And one example is that we fill out forms more on the computer instead of on paper.

Since PDF is more compatible with different devices and more stable than other formats, fillable forms often come in PDF format. And sometimes we need to create PDF fillable forms to gather information for work, school or community, etc. Now follow the steps below or watch a video tutorial to learn how to create a PDF fillable form on Mac.

Step 1. Create the bones of your form

Create the bones of your form in word format or any other formats you like, as long as you can typeset and copy the text. But what needs to be reminded is that please leave space for form fields and elements.

Fillable Form

Step 2. Open the form in PDF Reader Pro

Export the document in PDF format and open it in PDF Reader Pro on Mac,or copy the text and click "File" -> "New" -> "New From Clipboard" to create a new PDF directly.

Open new form in PDF Reader Pro

Step 3. Make it fillable with multiple elements

Enter the reading page and click "Form", then context menu shows; Or you can click "Annotate" on the main menu -> "Form";

Now you can choose to add Text Field, Check Box, Radio Button, List Box, Combo Box, Button or Signature in the form; After that, quit the creator mode and a complete fillable form will be displayed with highlighted form fields.

Make it fillable with multiple elements

To save time and energy, PDF Reader Pro also provides multiple PDF templates & forms for you to download. There are contracts, applications, invoices, tax declarations, resumes and many more for your different uses.

In addition to creating forms, filling out forms is something we all do. Whether it is an interactive or a non-interactive PDF form, PDF Reader Pro helps you handle it with ease. And you can place your signature wherever you need on a PDF form to complete the signing process.

Last but not the least, PDF Reader Pro is not only a great PDF form creator, but also acts as a powerful PDF reader, annotator, editor and converter. You can easily read PDFs as you like, annotate with all the advanced commenting tools, edit pages or text in PDFs, convert PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, Text, image and more. Free download and get free trial to enjoy the complete PDF solution with PDF Reader Pro on all platforms.

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