How to Create PDF on iPhone?

Fri. 21 Oct. 202210373 Mins

PDF is the best file format, no matter for sharing or storing. PDF is easy and convenient for sharing, because of its stability and compatibility. You can compress PDFs without destroying the original quality. All of these reasons make PDF become the most popular format in daily life. Using your computer to read and edit PDFs is available, and doing these on your mobile phone is also possible. Compared with computers, mobile phones are more portable, which helps you read and edit PDFs on the go, breaking through the limitation of time and place. 


We have given you an introduction about how to edit a PDF on iPhone before. In this blog, we’ll tell you how to create PDF on iPhone. PDF Reader Pro for iOS, the best PDF assistant of PDF, provides you with various ways to make a PDF on iPhone, including creating a new blank PDF, from Clipboard, Importing Images, from Dropbox, or from Files Browse. Read this article to get a detailed guideline. 


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How to Create a New Blank PDF on iPhone?

Without text, files, or other sources, how to create a new blank PDF on iPhone with PDF Reader Pro for iOS? Follow these particular steps to achieve your desire.


  1. Open PDF Reader Pro;

  2. Tap + on the right top corner, then choose New Blank PDF;

  3. Then a new blank PDF has been created successfully.


If you want to add more pages to this PDF file, continue reading:


  1. Hit , and choose Edit in the right top corner;

  2. Tap on the left bottom corner, then select Blank Page;

  3. There are 7 types of the new pages: Blank Page, Ruled Page, Music Page, Squared Page, Ruled Slide, Music Slide, and Squared Slide. You can select the one you like to add.


The above is how to make a new blank PDF on iPhone without any text or files. How to create a PDF with text, files, or images? PDF Reader Pro for iOS provides you with a way of making PDF from a clipboard. Then we’ll introduce how to create PDFs from Clipboard.


How to Create PDFs from Clipboard on iPhone?

When you are reading a paper or other news, and you find there is some helpful information that you want to store, you may copy the information at hand. If you want to convert this information to PDF for better storage, PDF Reader Pro for iOS can help you do that. Just follow the instructions below.


  1. Copy your needed content from any place, which can be text, an image, a link, etc;

  2. Open PDF Reader Pro for iOS;

  3. Tap + on the right top corner;

  4. Choose From Clipboard;

  5. Then, there will pop up a window to apply for your allowance for pasting. Hit Allow Paste to create a PDF successfully.


How to Create PDF by Importing Images on iPhone?

Are you still confused about how to convert pictures to PDFs on your iPhone? Especially when you want to share pictures with people in PDFs, or when you want to convert scanned contracts or agreements into PDFs. Are you wondering how to save screenshots as PDFs? PDF Reader Pro for iOS supports importing images to create PDFs directly. It’s easy and convenient to create PDF from Photo on iPhone if you follow the tips below.


Create PDF from Single Image

  1. Open PDF Reader Pro iOS on your iPhone and go to Documents ;

  2. Tap + on the right top corner, and select Import Images;

  3. Select Images in Photos on your devices, then hit Done in the right bottom corner; The interface will go back to Documents automatically, and you’ll find the images you have chosen right now are saved in Documents;

  1. Choose one image to open and enter the reading page, click and select Save to PDF. This image PDF will be directly saved in Documents;

  2. Alternatively, tap of the specific image, and choose Convert, so that the image can be saved as PDF quickly.


This method is suitable for creating PDFs one by one. When you have lots of pictures that need to be converted to PDFs, saving time is very important. PDF Reader Pro iOS gives you the opportunity to process images in batch.


Create PDF from Multiple Images

Nowadays, paperless study and work is more prevalent. Some files about business are replaced by digital PDFs. How to convert paper files into digital PDFs? A mobile phone can help you. Take photos with your phone, then import images to create a digital PDF. At this time, you’ll find there are lots of pictures which should be converted to PDFs. Just follow the steps.


  1. Open PDF Reader Pro iOS;

  2. Tap Camera on the bottom right of your screen. You can take new photos, or directly import from your device by clicking Album;

  3. If you decide to import images from the local album, you can choose pictures in Photos, then tap Done on the right bottom corner;

  4. Click Done in the camera interface and go back to the Scanner screen;

  5. Select an image folder within Scanner, then click to preview the image PDF;

  6. Tap Done to directly save this PDF to documents.


How to Create PDF from Dropbox or Files Browse on iPhone?

How to convert other formats of files to PDFs on iPhone? Are you still worried about this question? PDF Reader Pro for iOS provides you the possibility to create PDFs from other files. No matter which formats you have, PDF Reader Pro for iOS helps you convert them to PDFs. It’s easy-to-use to create PDFs from Dropbox or Files Browse on iPhone, and we prepared a detailed tutorial for you.


  1. Open PDF Reader Pro for iOS;

  2. Tap + on the right top corner, choose Dropbox or Files Browse according to your need;

  3. Then select and open the file you want to convert to PDF, including Word, Text, PNG, etc;

  4. Hit and choose Save to PDF, then there will pop up a window to inform you a new PDF file has been created, and some information about store path.


After you create PDFs successfully, you can go back to the original Document page. Find the desired PDF, tap and select Rename, so that you can rename the new PDF files for better management.


Now you are able to work with your new PDF files with PDF Reader Pro for iOS. It provides various tools for you, including Underline, Highlight, Freehand Drawing, Text, Audio, and more. Besides, it also supports splitting PDF pages, compressing PDFs, converting PDFs, and more. DOWNLOAD PDF Reader Pro for iOS FREE now to experience more features, to facilitate your work! If you have any questions or advance, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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