How to Edit PDF on iPhone?

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PDF is the best file format for storing and sharing because of its stability, and it has become popular in recent years. People use PDFs in daily life, such as CV., in various works, such as invoices, agreements, contracts, etc. It’s available to open PDFs easily no matter which device you are using, but you’ll find it difficult to edit PDFs. 


We have shared a blog about how to edit a PDF on Mac on our website. Compared with computers, mobile phones are more portable, because staying with computers all the time is impossible for everyone. When you are outside, without carrying your computer, you are able to edit PDFs on your phone. PDF Reader Pro is the one that gives you the opportunity to achieve this idea. With PDF Reader Pro for iOS, you can add texts, links, and watermarks to PDFs, and edit PDF pages such as moving or deleting pages, without the limit of time and place.


We have prepared a detailed tutorial about how to edit PDF on iPhone. DOWNLOAD PDF Reader Pro for iOS NOW and get it started!



How to Delete PDF Pages on iPhone?

I believe that everyone has encountered a problem where PDF files have extra pages, such as blank pages, duplicate pages, or pages you don't need. These pages will confuse you when you are reading. PDF Reader Pro for iOS can help you solve this problem. Just follow these steps.

  1. Open your file with PDF Reader Pro for iOS;

  2. Then click on the upper left corner;

  3. Hit Edit, hold one page and select more pages desired, then choose Delete ;

  4. On the pop-up windows, click Delete, then the pages you have selected have been deleted successfully.


How to Move PDF Pages on iPhone?

When you find the order of the product manual you have just finished is wrong, what should you do? Recreate a new one? No need to recreate a new one, you can reorder PDF pages with the help of PDF Reader Pro for iOS. We prepared the following steps for you about how to rearrange PDF pages.

  1. Open your file with PDF Reader Pro for iOS;

  2. Tap to enter editor mode, choose and hold the page that you want to reorganize, then drag the page to the position you want to put it.

Within just two steps, rearranging your PDF pages easily is possible. So why don’t you try now? Download PDF Reader Pro for iOS and experience more features, such as filling forms, signing PDFs, and etc.


How to Add Watermarks to PDF on iPhone?

When you want to share the product design or other drawings to others after you finished them, how to add watermarks to PDF? We all know that it’s easy to do that on a computer. PDF Reader Pro for iOS also provides the possibility to add watermarks on your iPhone. You can add text watermarks and image watermarks to PDF as you need. Just follow these steps we provided for you.


How to Add Text Watermarks to PDF on iPhone?

  1. Open your file with PDF Reader Pro for iOS;

  2. Tap and select Text, then you can input the desired text;


How to Add Image Watermarks to PDF on iPhone?

  1. Open your file with PDF Reader Pro for iOS;

  2. Tap and select Image, then add an image from album or camera;


Click , then customize color and opacity as you like; set the page range as you need. If you want to tile watermarks on the PDF, turn on the button. Besides, there is an option to set the position of the watermark.


How to Add Text to PDF on iPhone?

Even with no computer in hand, view PDFs and organize PDFs on the iPhone as easily as on Mac. When you want to add some comments or thoughts to PDFs while reading, PDF Reader Pro for iOS makes it possible. You can add text to PDF on iPhone anywhere and anytime within simple steps. Besides, it also supports customizing text fonts, color, and opacity. Follow the steps below.

  1. Open your file with PDF Reader Pro for iOS;

  2. Tap Text on the bottom toolbar;

  3. Or long tap anywhere in the PDF;

  4. Then input the text you want to add;

  5. You can tap Fonts to change the font style, make your texts bold, or italicize your texts;

  6. Tap Style to modify the Size, Opacity, and Color of the texts.

  7. To delete the text comment, tap on it and select Delete to remove it from your document.


How to Add Links to PDF on iPhone?

When you create a new report or a PDF presentation, you can add links to PDFs for convenience. Adding links to PDF can provide more content for the reader and audience. It also creates the perfect cross-reference, adding more professionalism to your work. PDF Reader Pro for iOS supports this feature, and we provide some tips below for you.

  1. Open your file with PDF Reader Pro for iOS;

  2. Tap Link on the bottom toolbar;

  3. Alternatively, long press on the empty space in the PDF file, then choose Link in the pop-up menu to enable this function;

  4. Drag a range on a page to insert a link. This range is the area where the link is active;

  5. You can freely choose from three types of links: Website light_view_ic_addweb@2x, Page light_view_ic_pagination@2x (1), and Email light_view_ic_mail@2x (1) based on your needs:

  6. Tap Done to add the link, and you may see a shaded area indicating where the link is effective

  7. If you want to edit the link, click the link icon in the annotation toolbox, then tap on the shaded area for the link and select Edit;

  8. Choose Delete to remove the link from the document page.


You can free download PDF Reader Pro for iOS on the App Store. Let’s download it NOW and have a free trial! More features like encrypting PDFs, splitting PDFs, and more, are waiting for you. PDF Reader Pro supports all versions of iOS, including the latest version, iOS 16. We prepared another blog about getting PDF Reader Pro easier and smarter with iOS 16, and you can click to learn more information.

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