How to Make PDF Editable with PDF Reader Pro

Thu. 16 Mar. 20232563 Mins

PDF is currently the most used format in various fields, from office administration, education, health, and IT, to government. PDF allows us to save documents containing texts and images. With the PDF format, files can be opened flexibly on various types of devices.


PDF is chosen by many people because it will not change the appearance of the file even if it's opened on different devices. However, there are times when you need to edit a PDF. If you're a teacher, you probably check out a bunch of assignments or student journals in PDF form. It will be more convenient if you can edit, add or remove text/notes, and add a signature or stamp directly on the file.  


For students, having your schoolwork written in PDF format will make your assignments look more thoughtful and professional. There are times where as a student, being able to edit PDFs directly would be more practical. When your teacher sends feedback about your homework, journal, thesis, you can edit it directly even though the file is still in PDF format.


The PDF format is also very suitable for team collaboration. PDF sizes tend to be small, easy to share, and viewable on many devices. When you work together on a proposal of a project, you may receive some feedback from your manager or client. Improvements to the proposal must be made immediately so that your manager or client does not wait too long. Editing your proposal as a PDF in real time will save you time and make your team's work more synchronized and efficient.


If you want to easily make a PDF editable, then we recommend PDF Reader Pro. It works on various devices including Windows and Mac. With PDF Reader Pro, easily editing PDFs will become a part of your daily life that you can enjoy. So before we get started, make sure you DOWNLOAD PDF Reader Pro here.



PDF Reader Pro - Best Tool to Make Your PDF Editable

PDF Reader Pro is a powerful tool that can help you to convert non editable PDF files into editable ones easily. With PDF Reader Pro, besides allowing you to convert your PDF to an editable format, you can also edit PDFs directly. In addition, PDF Reader Pro is available on various devices which makes it practical to become your go-to PDF editor. Here's why PDF Reader Pro is the best choice to make your PDF editable.


  • You can directly edit your existing PDF files with various PDF editing tools.

  • Edit text and image in your PDF directly.

  • Edit scanned PDF with OCR feature.

  • Create fillable PDF forms along with editable PDF files.

  • Convert PDF to various editable formats (Word, PPT, Excel, Text).

  • Add annotation such as highlight, underline, squiggly, strikethrough, freehand, shape and comment to PDF files.

  • Directly add stamps and signatures to PDF files.

  • Secure PDF with password and watermarks.


How to Make PDF Editable?

With PDF Reader Pro, transforming your non-editable PDF to an editable format is an easy task. PDF Reader Pro provides several methods that you can use to execute this task on Windows. Follow the steps below carefully.

  1. First, DOWNLOAD PDF Reader Pro and launch the program.

  2. On the Home page, click Open Files -> Browse your local folder and select the file you need.



  1. Click Edit PDF and edit PDF directly. You can add texts, delete texts, copy and paste texts in PDF. After that, you can adjust the color, size, and text alignment for the existing text or the new text. Adding new images, deleting images, rotating and flipping images directly are also available. 



  1. Or click Converter on the Toolbar -> Select format to directly convert your PDF to an editable file.



How to Make a Scanned PDF Editable?

If you receive a scanned PDF file and are required to edit the file, don't worry. With PDF Reader Pro, you can edit a scanned PDF easily. PDF Reader Pro provides an OCR feature that can help you edit scanned files within minutes.

  1. Open scanned file with PDF Reader Pro;

  2. Click OCR on the Toolbar;



  1. Select Page Range and Language according to your needs -> Click OCR;



  1. Select Copy and the selected text will be copied to the Clipboard;

  2. Or select Save as TXT/Save as PDF.


Why Make a PDF Editable?

Why should we bother making PDFs editable? There are several reasons why in some situations, we are required to edit PDFs. The PDF format simply does not allow you to do anything to its content. If you are a student, academic, doctor, or lawyer, without a PDF reader, you will not be able to edit, copy, paste comments, or even highlight text in PDFs. By making PDFs editable, you are one step ahead in organizing, grouping, and managing your documents more professionally. Luckily for you, PDF Reader Pro comes with all of these features to make your PDF editing experience comfortable and easy, all in one.



To wrap this up, we highly recommend you to download PDF Reader Pro to make your PDF editable. It gives you freedom to edit PDF easily, as well as add annotations such as highlight, underline, comment, etc. Besides, PDF Reader Pro gives you so much more than just editing tools. You can convert, compress, sign, merge, and split your documents, all in one. DOWNLOAD PDF Reader Pro now and experience it on your own. If you have any problems, contact us at [email protected].

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