How to Screenshot on Windows

Thu. 16 Feb. 20232853 Mins

There is an increasing amount of information available on the internet nowadays and we tend to search for all kinds of information online. How to capture useful content? Obviously, screenshots are the easiest way to share useful information with colleagues or friends. With the growing demand for screenshots, there are many ways to take a snapshot on your Windows. We can fast screenshot on Windows via shortcut keys on the keyboard. If you are seeking some advanced screenshot features such as scrolling screenshots, third-party "Screenshot on PC" Tools are also great options for you. In addition, it is notable that PDF Reader Pro also comes with a screenshot function. When viewing a PDF file, you can use screenshot tool to capture the important content. This article will provide you with several ways to screenshot on Windows.




Screenshot on Windows via Shortcut

1. PrtScr

This key has been around for quite some time. Just press PrtScr button on your keyboard, and the entire screen will be captured and the screenshot will be copied to your clipboard. Then you can paste the screenshot to the App that allows you to add pictures. 


2. Windows Key + PrtScr

To save a screenshot, you should press the Windows Key and the PrtScr button at the same time. The entire screenshot will be saved in both the screenshot folder and the clipboard.


3. Alt + PrtScr

To only snapshot the active window you're working in, hold Alt and PrtScr buttons, then the screenshot of the active window will be copied to clipboard.


4. Customize Screenshot Region

If you want to capture your screen at any other size, you can press Shift + Home Key + S, then a mini toolbar will appear at the top of your screen, allowing you to choose from take a rectangular, free-form, window, or full-screen capture.


Besides the shortcuts, some business softwares are also equipped with screenshot tool, If you find some useful content when viewing a PDF document, the screenshot tool integrated in the PDF tool can help you a lot. PDF Reader Pro is such a software with its own screenshot tool, with a click of the mouse, you can fast take a screenshot of a PDF. How to take a screenshot in a PDF with PDF Reader Pro? Here is a specific guide.


Take a Screenshot with PDF Software

Firstly, download PDF Reader Pro (Windows) on official website, and then open a PDF:

  1. Click Tool on the toolbar;

  2. Tap Content Selection Tool, then drag a rectangle around the content you want to choose;

  3. Tap Done/ Exit/ Output/ Print/ Undo.

ㆍ Done: copy the content to the clipboard you choose.

ㆍ Exit: cancel the selection.

ㆍ Output: save the content as a JPG or PNG image.

ㆍ Print: print the content.

ㆍ Undo: Re-select the content.



Using PDF software to take screenshots is very convenient, right? If you are used to screenshotting useful content while reading PDFs, we highly recommend you choose a PDF software come with screenshot tool such as PDF Reader Pro because it helps you capture your screen with one click instead of  remembering shortcut key combinations.


Screenshot on Windows via Third-Party Screenshot Tool 

Generally speaking, the third-party screenshot tools include more advanced features compared with the screenshot tool that comes with Windows system. For example, when browsing a website, you can capture a scrolling screenshot on Windows to access all the content in a web page. In addition, Third-Party Screenshot Tool such as Picpick offers you richer annotation tools like stamps and various color of the brush. Adding an picture effect to the screenshot is also available. However, in the free version, the advanced functions are always be limited, which means you have to update and purchase the software for some important features after a free trial. Therefore, If you just want to simply take a screenshot and share it with your friends, the screenshot tool included in windows system or PDF software will be sufficient.

You can choose your preferred screenshot method according to your needs. If you have already owned PDF Reader Pro, come and try to screenshot on Windows with PDF Reader Pro! If you have to process PDF files frequently, we also recommend you download PDF Reader Pro (Windows) because the various editing and annotating tools will surely improve your working efficiency.

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