How to Type on a PDF with PDF Reader Pro Windows?

Fri. 11 Nov. 20225653 Mins

PDF certainly sounds familiar to you. In recent years, its popularity has escalated  due to its stability and functionality. PDF is used by many people in various aspects of life from creating documents, brochures, CVs, flyers, reading ebooks, and much more. The diverse file types allow PDF users to add various features to make the PDF more interactive. PDF also has high flexibility where you can open your PDF file easily with any device you have. 


While opening a PDF isn't a problem, it's not necessarily editable by its nature. To be able to type or edit on a PDF, it will require you to download a PDF editor software. When you can open and edit PDFs directly, performing tasks would be much easier and faster. When you want to add or edit something to a PDF, you can't add it directly if you don't have PDF editor software. PDF Reader Pro Windows is one that gives you the opportunity to execute that idea. With PDF Reader Pro Windows, you can add all kinds of contents such as watermarks, signatures, and links to your PDFs. All this you can do in one software that makes performing PDF-related tasks efficient and fast.


We have prepared for you a tutorial on how to type and edit on a PDF with PDF Reader Pro Windows. First, DOWNLOAD PDF Reader Pro Windows and get started.




How to Type on a PDF?

With PDF Reader Pro Windows, you can directly create a PDF file. That way, you don't need to convert your file because the end result of your file will be a PDF file. In addition, you can also add images to your file.

1. Open PDF Reader Pro Windows;

2. Tap Create PDF on the top left corner;

3. Choose Tools on the top toolbar -> Select Text;

4. Click page to add text and start writing;

5. Tap Fonts on the Properties Panel on the right side of your screen to change the font style, make your texts bold, or italic;

6. Modify the Size, Fill Color, Border Color, Line Width, and Opacity of the text;


Notes: You can also type using Text Field in PDF Reader Pro Windows. Open files -> Form -> Text Field.

How to Edit Existing Text on a PDF?

You must have encountered a situation where you wanted to add something to your PDF file. You possibly started writing your document on Word and after you finished, you converted the file into PDF but it turned out that you still have some information you want to add to your file. You can definitely edit the Word file but in the end, you may have several files that might confuse you. PDF Reader Pro Windows can help you solve this problem by following the following steps.

1. Open your file with PDF Reader Pro Windows;

2. Tap Edit on the top toolbar;

3. Select the text you want to edit and start writing.


How to Add Watermarks on PDF?

Watermarks have a crucial function to protect your document, product design, drawing, or photo. How to add watermarks to your PDF? With PDF Reader Pro Windows, adding a watermark to your file is a piece of cake.You can choose to add text or image watermarks to PDF according to your needs. Follow the instructions below.

1. Open your file with PDF Reader Pro Windows;

2. Tap Editor on the top toolbar -> Select Watermark and choose Add Watermark;



3. Input Watermark Settings including Rotation, Opacity, Location, and Page Range;


Notes: Besides text watermark, you can also input an image watermark. 

4. Click Apply;

5. Save your files and press OK.


How to Add Signature on PDF?

Adding a signature to your PDF is another form of adding text to your PDF. But PDF naturally doesn't allow you to sign unless you print the document and sign it by hand which would be time-consuming. PDF Reader Pro Windows provides electronic signature features that make your everyday work easier. We provide 3 ways to create a signature, from Keyboard, Trackpad, and Image. Follow these steps to add your signature as quick as a wink.

1. Open your files with PDF Reader Pro Windows;

2. Press Tools on the top toolbar -> Select Signature;

3. Add New Signature;

4. Choose the style of signature you want to add (Keyboard, Trackpad, Image);

5. Click Save & Apply.


How to Add Links on PDF?

Generally, you can only add links on Words and not on PDF. Adding links to your PDF makes your document easy to navigate, rich in information, and adding a sense of professionalism to your work. Readers can jump from page to page to find the information they are looking for. PDF Reader Pro Windows allows you to add links directly on PDF files, in the form of links to pages, URL, or email address.

1. Open your files with PDF Reader Pro Windows;

2. Press Tools on the top toolbar -> Select Link;

3. Select an area or text on a page for the link to be inserted;

4. Choose the types of links you need (Page, URL, Email);

5. Insert page/URL address/email address;

6. Click Go, the shaded area shows where the link is activated;


These are some of the things you can do to type on a PDF. As a matter of course, you cannot type or add text directly to your PDF file. But with PDF Reader Pro Windows, these tasks can be executed in a blink. You can even start writing in PDF Reader Pro Windows and modify within the app from start to finish. Besides typing and adding text, it also offers more impressive features to edit your documents such as encrypting PDFs, splitting PDFs, compressing PDFs, annotation, and many more. Download PDF Reader Pro Windows and get a 7-day free trial to experience the best PDF software now!


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