How to Make PDF Non-Editable?

Thu. 23 Feb. 20233993 Mins

The PDF format is the most used file format today. It is constantly evolving to give the user a better experience. It offers a reading, and editing experience for users as well as becoming more secure. However, there are situations where you want to lock your PDF document from editing.


You might share the proposal or files you wrote with your peers. Or you might share your report with your classmates. You certainly don't want your files to be changed or edited by other people. We will discuss some of the underlying reasons why you should make your PDF non-editable in this article.


Furthermore, we will help you to make your PDF non-editable. We provide several fast and effective ways to make your document non-editable. But before we begin, please make sure that you have downloaded PDF Reader Pro. If you haven't,  DOWNLOAD PDF Reader Pro here. 



Why Do We Make PDF Non-Editable?

PDF is seen to be flexible because it preserves the document format and can be shared across different platforms. This format is also considered ideal for managing various kinds of documents, even sensitive information. Sensitive information must be protected to avoid leaks to other parties who can use it for other purposes. Following are types of files that usually need to be set non-editable:


  1. Important Information: Important documents such as medical records, marriage certificates, birth certificates, bank accounts are created digitally so they can be easily edited. It is critical that these digital documents can only be edited by authorized interests and not fall into the hands of other people. 

  2. Agreement or Contract: An agreement or contract is a written paper that unites the two parties in their obligations and commitments to reach a greater height. Agreement documents are classified as important documents that cannot be changed or replaced by any party until the agreement deadline expires.

  3. Facts and Figures: If you work with tax, financial, or accounting documents, accuracy is key. The type of document that contains data, numbers like this should not be edited carelessly. To avoid editing by unauthorized persons, many companies keep documents like this in physical form as a precaution.


How to Make PDF Non-Editable?

Altering information by an unauthorized person is common and can be avoided. Creating a non-editable PDF is not difficult and we have provided several methods for you. You can choose which option suits you best, but all of these methods are effective for making your PDF non-editable.

1. Convert PDF to Image

Converting your PDF to an image is the simplest way to make your PDF non-editable. The PDF file format can recognize every content in it so it's easy to edit, copy, or annotate. If you convert the file to an image, the document will ignore any content in it and treat it like an image. PDF Reader Pro allows you to convert PDF to images quickly and easily. Follow the steps below carefully.

  1. DOWNLOAD PDF Reader Pro;

  2. At the Home Page, click Convert PDF;



  1. Choose the file you'd want to convert -> Select JPG format -> Convert;



  1. Or open your PDF with PDF Reader Pro;

  2. Click Converter on the toolbar -> To Image;

  3. Set format to JPG & Page Range -> Convert.



2. Flatten PDF

Flattening your PDF document can be a solution for you. When you flatten your PDF, you are merging all the content into one layer. When you spend time annotating or filling out forms, you don't want someone else to edit or change your information. In this case, flattening your PDF can be a solution to make your PDF non-editable.

  1. Choose PDF Reader Pro to open your PDF;

  2. Click File on the toolbar -> Select Save as Flattened PDF;

  3. Or select Share as Flattened PDF.



3. Password Protect PDF

You can also choose this method if you don't want your information to be copied or printed carelessly. With a password, you can customize who can access your files. PDF Reader Pro gives you two options namely Open and Owner password. Open password will require a password to open and view the document. Owner password will ask password to access the permission on printing and copying. Providing a password for your document can prevent anyone unauthorized from accessing your information. Here is how you can password-protect your PDF files.

  1. Open your PDF with PDF Reader Pro;

  2. Click Editor on the toolbar -> Select Security;

  3. Tick Require a password to open the document or Restrict printing and copying of the document (or tick both);

  4. Enter password in the box and then tap Encrypt.



Wrap Up

The PDF format is the most convenient document format for everyday use. PDF has made it easy for us to edit quickly and efficiently. However, with PDF in digital form, PDF is also prone to falsification of information. With this article, we have seen that protecting your PDF is crucial. Thankfully, PDF Reader Pro is here for you and has some powerful yet simple methods to make your PDF non-editable and protect your PDF against unauthorized editing.


Besides that, PDF Reader Pro offers you other powerful PDF editing features. With PDF Reader Pro, you can do your work easily. DOWNLOAD PDF Reader Pro and try it now. If you have any problems, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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