New Version for Windows: More Personality and Convenience with New PDF Reader Pro

Wed. 24 May. 20231993 Mins

PDF Reader Pro always help users to increase their productivity and do more with documents, which will make PDF annotating, editing, and reading more convenient. We are pleased to announce that the release of PDF Reader Pro V2.5.0 for Windows to the latest version has launched. We currently enhanced our PDF editing tools in the new version which enables you to add a background in PDFs and create a PDF from a scanner. We are going to introduce the new features in the new version. Before we get started, make sure you have downloaded PDF Reader Pro on your device. If you haven’t, click here right now. Keep reading to find out our new features and make your PDFs more creative!


Add a Suitable Background: More Personality and Artistic Value

A background is behind text or images on the pages. Past or present, you may want to add a background to your PDF file, such as an eye - protection color, your own slogan or a company logo, which could be as watermarks. However, it might be tricky to do so. As a stimulating PDF-related software with great productivity, due to users’ feedback, PDF Reader Pro has finished its expansion for Windows: You can add a color or an image as a background or remove a background. And batch addition and removal are applied now!


Add a Background Color in PDFs

When you promote your brand, you may intend to use the brand color as the background. When doing a work presentation, you may choose an official color to show your sedation. Adding a background color to a PDF can make your presentation more engaging and eye-catching. A PDF file with your brand colors as the background can help reinforce your brand identity and make your document more recognizable. The background can be as simple as a basic color in the software, or you can customize your colors. How to add background color in PDFs, here is a step-by-step guide:

1. Download PDF Reader Pro (Windows) and launch it;

2. Click Editor -> Background -> choose Add Background;

3. Select the option – Color.


Use an Image as a Background

If you are creating a brochure, or other marketing materials, using the product picture or the company logo, as the background can help make the document more visually appealing and memorable. If you want to add a personal touch to a PDF document, adding an image as the background can help create a custom look and feel that reflects your style. All images, including your own stamp, signatures, or other kinds of watermarks, can be used as a background too. The step to do so is similar to How to Add Background Color in PDFs, here is also a step-by-step guide:

1. Enter Editor -> Background -> Click Add Background;

2. Tap the option- File, and then click the File, select an image file.



Remove Background

If the PDF file has a busy or distracting background, removing it can help the reader focus more on the content. When you are printing a PDF document, removing the background can help save ink or toner, especially if the background has a lot of colors. This can save printing costs and resources. If you need to edit a PDF file, removing the background can help make it easier to add or modify content without having to work around the colorful background. The version makes more access to remove background for you. The guide steps are the following:

1. Click Editor -> Background -> Click Remove Background;

2. According to your needs, choose Remove Background for Current Page.


Batch Edit Background

When you are compiling previous reports, your boss wants you to use the company logo as a background to all files. The batching technique will provide great assistance to you. Anyway, if you have an avalanche of PDFs that need to be updated with the same background, or that have outdated backgrounds, you can use a PDF editor to batch add or remove, which intensifies convenience in the workflow to a great extent. The newest version of PDF Reader Pro embraces the technique. You can batch edit background by the following steps:

1. Enter Editor -> Background -> Click Add Background;

2. Tap Batch in the bottom left -> Add Files -> Open;


1. Enter Editor -> Background;

2. Click Remove Background -> Batch Remove Background.


Create a PDF from a Scanner: More Convenience


image source: Pixabay

Your office seems to be bursting at the seams trying to hold all your files and folders together and keep them organized. I guess you go looking for alternatives - a paperless work environment. PDF might be one of the best choices and using a scanner to create a PDF file can make the process quick and easy. You can create a PDF file directly from a paper document, using your scanner and PDF Reader Pro V2.5.0 for Windows. To scan a document to PDF with PDF Reader Pro, please follow as below:

1. Download PDF Reader Pro (Windows) and launch it;

2. Ensure your device has connected to the scanner;

3. Click Create PDF on the homepage;

4. Select Import from Scanner;


Additionally, PDF Reader Pro has other features that are similarly useful for every user:

  • Convert PDFs to Word, PPT, Excel and Image;
  • Create PDFs from Image and File;
  • More Themes could be chosen: Light, Dark, Reseda and customized themes;
  • A powerful eSignature tool, etc.


Now, as you can see, PDF Reader Pro V2.5.0 will make your PDF more personalized with customization. In addition, it can help you preserve the information in PDF format that is easy to access and search.


The optimization and expansion of PDF Reader Pro are always for all people and for creativity. Come to download the newest version of PDF Reader Pro for Windows and experience it for 7 – day free trial now! Finally, if you have any suggestions or comments, please contact us here or give your feedback in the app store.

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