OCR, Create Forms & Tables Join in PDF Reader Pro

Mon. 06 May. 201931682.5

This week welcomes a major update of PDF Reader Pro. Meet the all-new PDF Reader Pro for Mac providing the best PDF experience. Now, you can OCR, create and edit PDF forms, create tables on your Mac. All this is wrapped up in a new, slick design that takes your experience to the next level.



New OCR: Convert scanned PDF to editable files


Scanned PDF files or images are not designed to be editable and searchable, but there are many situations when they have to be modified: extract texts in  an image to update, recognize characters out in a thesis. Now, embarrassment won’t find you when you face such situations. PDF Reader Pro supports OCR to convert scanned documents or images to editable formats like PDF or TXT. 50+ languages with 99%+ accuracy will never let you down. Must to be mentioned is that you are free to recognize All Pages of scanned files one for good. This unique function makes a paperless office in a snap.


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Create PDF Fillable Forms


Working with static PDF forms created in Adobe Acrobat has been already available in PDF Reader Pro. Well, PDF Reader Pro team devotes themselves to supplying a better PDF forms experience. So, except to fill out forms, PDF Reader Pro for Mac becomes a new form creator providing a complete form toolkit with various form field options which are used to create specific field type.

  • Text Field: Used for inputting information allowing for both alpha and numeric values to be included.

  • Check Box: Allow for multiple selections to be chosen from a list of options given.

  • Radio Button: Used for making selection

  • List Box: List Boxes appear with a scroll bar and the list is able to be scrolled for selection by using the mouse.

  • Combo Box: Used to supply a list that can be accessed by clicking on the downward facing arrow. Once the list has been expanded, a single item can be chosen from the list to fill in the specific field.

  • Button: Buttons are used for triggering an action, such as submitting or printing.

You can create your personalized PDF forms with all kinds of interactive form controls. Additionally, signing PDFs after you finish creating forms.




Create Tables and Add Fields


A table consists of rows and columns of cells. A cell is like a text frame in which you can add texts. Table is seen anywhere. However, have you ever created a table on PDF files? Now, PDF Reader Pro enables you annotate PDF file with a table. With PDF Reader Pro, a click to create your own table right on your file. Double-click the cell and start to add text in it. You can use headers or footers to repeat the information at the top or bottom of each divided portion of the table. Table Styles on the property panel waits you to choose. Also, you can change the specific cell background color to highlight it. Cell Width and Height, Border Color and Width is on your hand.



With the great update, the new PDF Reader Pro becomes a crucial tool for viewing, annotating, editing, form filling, converting, OCR, and signing PDFs on your Mac, iOS Devices(iPhone & iPad).




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