PDF Reader Pro for Windows comes with powerful OCR features

Mon. 23 May. 20228863

Have you ever encountered the same situation? When you browse a file, you see a piece of valuable information, and you need to extract the content for your own use. But there is no way to copy or edit the text at all. You can only type this text manually by yourself helplessly. It's a waste of time, and it doesn't work in every situation. When the word count is relatively small, we can rely on this time-consuming method. However, what should you do when the upper limit of the required words reaches a few thousand words, or even tens of thousands of words?

The inability to copy and edit is usually because what you're seeing is an image of text. If you want to quickly extract texts in the picture, you can use OCR. OCR is short for optical character recognition. It is equivalent to a digital copier that automatically converts scanned documents into a machine-readable format. Perhaps you may still have doubts now. Does OCR work well? What advantages does it have over traditional scanners? OCR uses optics to perform black and white dot matrix processing on the text in the file, and determines its shape by checking the dark and light modes of the characters on the image. Finally, with the help of a character recognition function, these determined shapes are translated, so that the graphics become words. In this way, the text can be recognized more precisely.

PDF Reader Pro for windows comes with the powerful OCR in this version. You can use it to recognize characters in images or scanned documents into texts that can be copied or edited as follows. OCR not only recognizes characters. Each language has its own collection of graphic symbols, also known as glyphs. They include characters of course, but also accents, punctuation, and special characters. To reduce processing time and get good results, don't forget to select the language you want the engine to recognize the text in.

  • Tap OCR on the toolbar, then you can choose the OCR language among multiple languages, such as Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, French, German, Japan, Korean, Latin and English.

  • The range of OCR pages you can choose from includes All Pages, Current Page, Odd Pages Only, Even Pages Only or set your desired pages.

  • Click OCR and the result will show in OCR Results which can be copied and shared. You can Copy , Save as TXTSave as PDF, or Delete the result.

OCR panel

After reading the above steps, you may feel that the OCR function sounds very complicated, but the operation is simple. It only takes one click to help you complete the heavy work tasks. Indeed, PDF Reader Pro has top-notch recognition speed. Just a sip of coffee can help you finish scanning documents. In addition, the content accuracy rate of the identified file is as high as 99%. Let you enjoy OCR without having to spend time double-checking the text.

When encountering documents that are difficult to decipher. You can improve the results by adjusting some parameters, such as higher resolution, removing artifacts, adding more contrast, etc. If you get poor OCR results, try cleaning and enhancing your document first. For more unresolved issues, you can drop a line at [email protected].

We will continue to improve the OCR function. You can download and try it out today. We will listen to your comments and keep updating. PDF Reader Pro is committed to creating professional PDF tools that satisfy users.

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