7 Tips For Online Learning With PDF Reader Pro

Fri. 08 Jan. 20217543min

PDF Reader Pro is highly praised in the education field and is widely used by teachers and students. In the previous article, 7 Tips For Effective Online Teaching, we introduced the top 7 reasons why teachers and educators should use PDF Reader Pro for online teaching. Now let us see how PDF Reader Pro helps students study from home more effectively. 

1. Read like paper

2. Take notes freely 

3. Work across all platforms

4. Use OCR to extract text

5. Fill and sign forms

6. Click to translate/search

7. Locate information instantly


1. Read like paper

As the name indicates, PDF Reader Pro brings a professional reading experience. PDF Reader Pro handles large PDF textbooks with ease, and quickly springs into action with smooth scrolling. And the switchover from bright white to the dark mode is helpful to protect your eyes when you read at night. 

You can further customize your reading experience by displaying PDF in a two-page layout, just like reading a traditional book. And for those who are reading on a small phone screen, full-screen mode gives you a broader vision to view files without being distracted by other operations.

In case you have more than one reading task at one time, split view mode enables you to view two PDFs simultaneously and thus improves efficiency. It's useful to check information and compare texts as you study on PC and tablets.

2. Take notes freely 

If you start taking notes on PDFs with PDF Reader Pro, you will find it more convenient than writing down on paper. With a complete set of commenting tools, PDF Reader Pro lets you annotate and markup PDFs easily and freely. 

All the annotation tools including highlight, freehand, text box, anchored notes enable you to mark key points and write down ideas while reading, you can also insert links and images for better reference. 

And we know that each of you has your own style of annotating, PDF Reader Pro is flexible for you to customize annotation tools as you like. So the different colors and types of annotation tools can distinguish various comments to help you review the key points in PDF files. 


3. Work across all platforms

During the time of remote learning, because different students use different devices, the cross-platform feature is of great importance. And PDF Reader Pro is the perfect choice on all platforms, allowing you to study with PDFs anytime, anywhere.

If you want to transfer PDF textbooks and assignments from your PC to your mobile device, the “WiFi Transfer” function in PDF Reader Pro provides a handy way to achieve the goal. All you need to do is visit the given address with your desktop web browser on the same WiFi network.

PDF Reader Pro also integrates with iCloud Drive on iOS, so you can download and upload cloud documents with ease. Moreover, you can add your Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, and other accounts to keep your files in sync. If your school or college offers a WebDAV or FTP server, you can add that, too.

4. Use OCR to extract texts

Often, students receive scanned PDFs as learning materials, at this time, you may need a function called OCR technology to help you extract texts. Then PDF Reader Pro for Mac and iOS with a built-in OCR feature can be the best solution.

OCR, which is short for optical character recognition, is an advanced technology allowing you to convert scanned PDFs or images into editable and searchable PDF or TXT files instantly.

As the best PDF OCR software for Mac and iOS, PDF Reader Pro supports accurate recognition of different texts in more than 50 languages, including English, Chinese, French, Russian, Arabic, Spanish and more.

5. Fill and sign forms

In addition to reading PDF textbooks, you may also get a pile of e-forms that need to be filled out and signed during these times. With PDF Reader Pro, you can fill out forms, as well as insert your signatures in the form anytime and anywhere.

As a PDF filler and signer, PDF Reader Pro enables you to fill out PDF forms on all platforms and supports you to create your own signatures by keyboard, MacBook's trackpad or images. After finishing all the work, you are free to share the completed forms to your teachers via email.


6. Click to translate/search

When reading paper books, if you encounter a word or some contents that you do not understand, what you usually do is to manually look up the word in a dictionary or enter text in a web browser. But with the help of PDF Reader Pro for Mac, it is less troublesome and can save your time.

Just right click the word or contents and it will automatically popup window with translation and additional information. You can also choose to search with Google directly to find out more details.

7. Locate information instantly

Outlines and bookmarks make your PDF textbooks more easy to search and read. While reading an extra-long textbook, you can jump to a specific page or chapter directly by clicking the outline and bookmark.

And PDF Reader Pro comes with a robust search feature that enables you to search in PDFs. This way, you can easily locate information and find the precise paragraph in a multi-page PDF. If it is a scanned document, then you just need to use OCR first. 


There are many other ways in which PDF Reader Pro can help you study from home more efficiently, waiting for you to enjoy and explore. In addition, PDF Reader Pro not only provides powerful functions continuously, but also provides a special educational offer for all students, up to 50% off. We suggest you take full advantage of this educational pricing, and if you like, tell your friends, too.

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