How to Create Outlines in PDF?

Thu. 02 Jun. 202287183


We received such a message in our customer service email last week. Dennis works as a part-time proofreader for a publishing house, reviewing a large number of articles in PDF format every day. He enjoys the job. The only shortcoming was that in the way of proofreading, when he accidentally touched the mouse, or the computer suddenly crashed, he could not return to the last default browsing position when he opened the file again. He had to start from scratch, scrolling endlessly to find where he had been reading last time.

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There is no doubt that manual searches for content are a waste of time and even consumes our enthusiasm for our work. What would you do if you had the same problem? In fact, one of the easiest ways is to add outlines to your document. The outlines don't have to be very elaborate, and it is enough to ensure that you can quickly locate the content you need.

Now, I think you already realize the benefits of outlines. We also refer to outlines as the table of contents, and the essence of both is the same in a document. PDF outlines are navigational aids similar to physical bookmarks, which link to specific locations in a document more quickly and guide you through the clutter of pages to the most relevant parts of the document. In addition, when you create a table of contents for the article, it is also convenient for you to view the overall structure of the article. When the document is shared with others, it can also help others understand the core content of the PDF document more clearly.

Do you want to create an outline in PDF format on Mac? You'd better have a PDF editor for Mac that includes this feature. PDF Reader Pro supports adding outlines, allowing you to customize what you need with just one click without converting formats.

3 Easy Ways to Create an Outline in PDF Reader Pro

Option 1:

Click the Outline icon in the left panel -> hit “+” to add an outline directly.


Option 2:

Click the Outline icon in the left panel -> right-click and tap Add Item to add an outline.



Option 3:

Select the field you want to add an outline to -> right-click and tap Add Outline Item to add an outline.

When you don't need these outlines, you can also click the three dots in the upper right corner -> tap Remove All Outlines to delete all outlines.




PDF Reader Pro's outlines are very flexible. You can change the position of the outlines by simply dragging and dropping. You can also rename them, or personalize your outlines by converting important paragraphs into sub-items for a specific table of contents. Download PDF Reader Pro and discover more interesting operations together. Click here to learn how to create and edit PDF outlines in Windows.


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