PDF Reader Pro comes highly recommended by The Best Educational AppStore

Fri. 24 May. 201931171.5

It is highly appreciated that Best Educational App Store grants 5 STARS and 92 SCORES to PDF Reader Pro after review process.


As Best Educational App Store said PDF Reader Pro is one of the best PDF reader applications among so many readers on the market. It is worth every penny.




To be an educational assistant, PDF Reader Pro allows teachers or students read, annotate, convert, fill form, sign, merge, and more on PDF files, totally improving teaching and studying efficiency!

In daily life, teachers and students need to read various materials, how to speed up and create a paperless environment to boost efficiency? Now, PDF Reader Pro may be your best choice.


PDF Reader Pro presents PDF files well and is easy to navigate with outline. You can quickly and precisely locate the sections or pages through outline navigation in cluster chapters or parts. Completely save your time!! Making your own outline is also simple way to help you go through the big files.  

Another feature that teachers and students really enjoy within PDF Reader Pro and makes it stand out from similar apps is the ability to fill PDF forms out with interactive field texts, checkboxes, radio buttons and more. Adding a personal signature to a document is also another feature that makes the app truly unique. This is excellent for those who are working remotely and require a signature to authenticate a document.

The developers can be commended for the versatility of the app and the vast amount of features and options it provides the user. PDF Reader Pro is available on Mac and iOS platforms as well as Windows and Android platforms.  Now try the free trial to experience the productivity and efficiency it brings to you.

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