PDF Reader Pro Updates its PDF Editor for Windows with New Security Features

Thu. 24 Feb. 202215663

PDF Reader Pro, a global software brand with a mission to empower modern professionals to better leverage their productivity, has announced key updates on its PDF editor’s security tools as it rolls out PDF Reader Pro for Windows Version 1.1.2. 

New Feature Additions to PDF Editor for Windows

  • Watermark: Stamp any text or image watermark over your PDFs to avoid plagiarism, and change the transparency of the watermark, making the text more or less opaque.

  • Header & Footer: Add Headers and Footers to present information, such as date, time, page numbers, or the title of the document, in the top or bottom margins of a document.

  • Bates Numbers: Identify and retrieve information from your legal documents. Add a unique prefix or suffix which can be set number, case number, firm name or date.

“Same to productivity,  we also keep security in mind,  so in this new  version we added three key tools to make your PDF document more secure as well as professional,” said the Senior Product Manager of PDF Reader Pro.

“By adding text or image watermark, headers, footers, and bates number, you can not only customize the way your PDF looks, but professionalize the presentation it can do,” he added.

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To Secure and Professionalize PDF Documents

In the digital age, a large percentage of your work is performed on the computer, and then delivered via Internet. Keeping documents secure is a vital step in this process. 

Especially, much of this classified information is shared in PDF format, such as legal documents, medical history, customer information, intellectual property, NDAs etc. Keeping these data secure is not only a best practice, in fact it is actually required in many places by data privacy laws. 

However, a few different measures, such as password protection, watermark, bate numbers and eSignature, are designed to protect access and discourage improper use of your PDF or other types of documents. And all these tools could be integrated in one Apps to meet your needs at one time. They are many excellent PDF editor solutions with such functions, which not only meets your document security needs, but allows to you to view, annotate, edit, convert, fill and more. 

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