Best PDF App for College Students to Annotate and Edit PDF

Tue. 17 Jan. 20239153 Mins

We all know that PDF document is prefered by lots of college students and academic researcher as it is a portable and stable format. Therefore, many eBooks, academic publications, study notes or research papers are saved in PDF format. PDFs are self-contained and do not depend on specific software or fonts, they can be easily transferred and shared between devices and computers. This can be especially helpful for college students who need to access and share documents while on the go. If you want to read a PDF document, opening a browser to view it is the easiest way. However, a PDF software is essential if you need some advanced features such as editing PDF text and pages when processing study materials or adding watermarks to protect your academic studies.


Compared to a PDF reader plug-in, a powerful PDF software will obviously be more suitable for the college students with heavy study tasks since it helps you to take notes just like you did in a paper book. How does PDF softwares help college students improve learning efficiency? This article will give you an answer from several aspect.



Digital Textbooks Reading


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Nowadays, the age of paper books has given way to the e-book era. Instead of carrying around 10 textbooks that weigh 10 pounds each, you can carry around a laptop or smartphone and access all your eBooks anytime, anywhere. Compared with cumbersome paper documents, electronic textbooks in PDF format is eco-friendly and convenient, which allows you to learn efficiently. Therefore, a powerful PDF tool is essential for college students. PDF Reader Pro, an all-in-one PDF reader, will definitely help you to read, annotate and edit PDFs smoothly. Download PDF Reader Pro (Windows) and enjoy advanced features now!


- Providing Various Reading Mode



PDF Reader Pro offers you rich reading modes to meet different reading needs such as single page mode, two page mode, read mode, book mode and split view. Now, let’s explore each mode.

Read Mode: In read mode, all the toolbar will be hidden to maximize the reading area, helping colleges to focus more on the content of the document.

Single/Two Page Mode: You can choose from view a single page per row or two pages per row according to your preference.

Book Mode: In Book Mode, starting page is book cover, then shown as 2 pages, If you are tend to read a scanned book with a cover, book mode is a great option for you.

Split View: When you want to read the different pages of a PDF at the same time, you can turn on the split view so that you can read a PDF side by side.


- Rich Annatation Tools to Markup Text



Another advantage of PDF Reader Pro is that it provides you with various annotation tools, from highlight, underline, freehand to links, stamps, sticky notes and signature, which is more than enough to meet the note-taking needs of college students.


We recommend you make full use of Markup Tools (highlight, underline, squiggly, strikethrough, freehand) so that you can quickly emphasize the important content in your text book, helping you enhance memory and improve productivity.


If you want to add your own thought when reading, use the Text Tool to insert text box. What’s more, Sticky Note is another great option if you're worried about text-filled pages making your textbook look like a mess.


In addition, the link that can navigate you to a website is also available to you. By clicking on the link you created, you can jump to a new web page and get more related information. For example, you can add a link that navigate to Wikipedia on an academic term to facilitate better understanding of the terminology.


- Open a Large PDF in a Few Seconds

There is no doubt that electronic textbook contains lots of pages, contents, high-resolution images and tables, making it a large file. When the large file is opened by PDF software, you may be disappointed to find that it is slow to load. Sometimes this also happens when you scroll through the pages quickly. However, it is understandable because it takes time for the computer to process and recognize the information before we view all the content.


But this doesn’t mean there is no solution for large files, PDF Reader Pro keep improving the rendering engine so that you can fast open large PDF files, which even more than 100 megabytes. 


Academic Publications Learning

College students have to search for academic articles when writing papers. In most cases, we can find these articles or scholarly journals on the school's digital library or academic website, and they are always in PDF format. With luck, you can edit the text in the PDF directly, but sometimes we find that we cannot edit these academic documents because they are uneditable scanned files. When copying and modifying the text inside are prohibited, how does PDF software function?


PDF Reader Pro helps you to extract the text from a scanned PDF via OCR tool, how to OCR a scanned PDF? Follow the steps below:

  1. Click OCR on the toolbar;

  2. Set the page range and OCR language, then tap OCR;

  3. Once the text is recognized and extracted, you can copy the text or save it as a TXT file or an editable PDF file.



PDF Resume Editing


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Generally, employers expect resumes to be in PDF format because the layout always keeps the same no matter what devices you used to view it. If you have already prepared a resume in Word, we recommend you convert it to a PDF file. A more convenient way to create a resume is to edit text on a PDF directly. With PDF Reader Pro, you can freely type on a PDF resume as well as modify original content. The layout can also be changed to make your resume more appealing. To edit a resume, follow the steps below:


  1. Open free resume templates with PDF Reader Pro;

  2. Click Edit PDF on the toolbar and all the text and image in the template will be recognized.

  3. Click on the text you want to modify, then you can add or delete text.

  4. Select an image you want to edit, then you can crop, replace, rotate, flip and resize the image.

  5. If you need to add new images or texts, tap Add Text or Add Image to quickly add new content.


Bottom Line

We will be exposed to more and more electronic documents in the Information Age. Making full use of PDF software can greatly improve the efficiency of your learning, and the hundreds of study materials are easier to store as we are moving towards digitalization. Are you still finding a proper PDF software? PDF Reader Pro is the ideal option for you! We also provide a 50% OFF education discount to students and teachers! Download PDF Reader Pro and get a 7-day free trial now! 


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