Top 5 Reasons Why Law Firms and Legal Professionals Insist on Using PDFs

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The rapid development of the Internet has accelerated the process of law firms documenting electronization and changed the traditional operation mode of law firms. Today, legal professionals no longer need to mail long legal documents. Instead, they can read or send legal documents in PDFs directly from their phones or laptops. In addition, they may use PDF tools such as PDF Reader Pro to make their daily work a little bit easier. Then, let’s explore the charms of PDFs together!



Why to use PDFs in legal fields?

When it comes to legal documents, what often springs to mind are lawyers, judges, courts, law firms, etc. Indeed, these people are faced with a large amount of legal related files every day: court papers, letters from lawyers, or contracts issued by legal professionals with legal force and so on. 


So it's very important for them to have lots of timely and reliable information in order to make sense of the mess. In this case, a good file format such as PDF can be of great help to them. And here are the top 5 reasons why law firms and legal professionals insist on using PDFs.


1. Speed up filing and sorting out of documents

2. Convenient electronic transmission

3. High security & authenticity

4. Annotate & edit & form filling online

5. User Friendly 



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1. Speed up filing and sorting out of documents

Generally speaking, legal professionals deal with a large number of legal documents, some of which are thousands of pages long. If the law firm sends these documents to the court through the post, it is likely to be delayed and incur a significant mailing fee. Besides, the files are long and complicated, which makes searching and filing very troublesome. But with PDF, it's a different story. Law firms and legal professionals also use PDF tools such as PDF Reader Pro to export, retrieve and file legal documents in PDF format, greatly enhancing their working efficiency.


2. Convenient electronic transmission

To be sure, digital files are easier to carry than physical ones. In addition to being literally compact, PDF files are usually compressed into smaller file sizes. Indeed, it makes them take up less disk space and easier to transfer, which is especially important for law firms and legal professionals who face a huge amount of legal paperwork every day. If you need to reduce the size of PDF files, you can easily compress PDF files online with PDF Reader Pro.


3. High security & authenticity

It is well known that legal professionals are exposed to important documents every day, including law analyses, statements and contracts that cannot be widely read by the public. So, file security is pretty crucial to them. In the project of file processing, the authenticity of the file must be guaranteed first. What is authenticity? As the name implies, it means the consistency of a file as seen by all parties in the file transfer process. What's more, to ensure that the file cannot be seen by irrelevant people, it requires password protection. Without a doubt, PDF can easily meet the demands for file security and authenticity. This is precisely why PDFs are the first choice for legal professionals and law firms.  Furthermore, with our PDF Reader Pro, you can freely read and encrypt PDF files.


4. Annotate & edit & form filling online

As mentioned earlier, legal professionals and law firms are swamped with paperwork every day. And it’s not so hard to imagine that their needs for document annotation, editing and form filling online are enormous. Applying paper documents will greatly increase their work difficulty and pressure, because they need to spend a lot of time sorting out those documents. Now, with PDF, legal professionals can make online editing, annotation, and some daily form filling, so that they can share files more efficiently. Moreover, PDF editing, annotating and interactive form filling can fully be done with our PDF Reader Pro.


5. User Friendly 

In the past, legal documents inspection was so difficult and time-consuming that people had to go to a law firm in person or wait for the documents to be delivered by mailing. However, if someone calls a legal professional or a law firm now, they can simply view the document online in PDF. People can glance over all PDFs directly by downloading an all-in-one PDF Reader Pro as well, which greatly enhances the user experience and thus promoting a better service. This is the key for legal professionals and law firms to apply PDFs.



What can PDF Reader Pro offer you?

With a light, clean and easy-to-use interface, PDF Reader Pro may be your last and best PDF Reader & Editor to work with PDFs anytime, anywhere. Hurry up, to download PDF Reader Pro to explore the following features!


  • Bates Numbers available

    Easy to file and organize PDF, used in the legal fields to place one or more identifying numbers, date and time marks on images and documents as they are scanned or processed.

  • Compress PDFs freely

    Reduce file size to make sure you can send them more quickly.

  • Watermarks & passwords

    Protect PDFs with image/text watermarks, easily batch encrypt PDFs or decrypt the protected files.

  • Form filling and signatures

    Fill out any PDF forms with interactive fields, support to sign PDFs.

  • Annotate & Edit

    Annotate and markup PDFs with highlight, underline, strikeout, hyperlinks, stamps, images, links and so on. Free to edit PDFs by deleting, inserting or modifying text with changeable font size and text color.

  • Best PDF Reader

    Support vertical/ horizontal scrolling mode, single/ double page continuous, split view and multi-tab viewer to improve your reading experience.

  • Convert PDFs easily

    Batch convert your PDF files to Word, Excel, PPT, image, text or other formats.

  • Page Organize

    Insert, delete, extract, rotate, reorder, and replace pages in a PDF.

  • OCR

    Turn PDFs & scanned images into editable files. 


All in all, there is no reason not to choose PDF when it comes to documents used by law firms and legal professionals. Moreover, PDF Reader Pro is your best solution for reading, editing, annotating, form filling, conversion, file compression, encryption, and page editing. Still hesitate? Free Download or buy PDF Reader Pro to have a try!



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