What Remote Work Tools Can Survive After COVID-19?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has infected millions, forced people to work from home, and even brought economic activity to a near-standstill in 2020. Currently, the economy has been gradually recovering, but meanwhile many enterprises is rethinking their work models. Should they replace traditional office model with remote or hybrid ones? What kind of remote work tools should use to ensure productivity?


1. Demand of Remote Work Tools Surging During COVID-19

2. Just Boom-and-bust Cycles Or New Normal In The Future?

3. What Remote Work Tools Can Survive After COVID-19?

4. What Solutions Does PDF Reader Pro Provide?


1. Demand of Remote Work Tools Surging During COVID-19


Most traditional business models do not work anymore during pandemic period. You can’t visit your customers, team members, suppliers, but rely on phone, email and social tools to discuss business, which significantly reduce working efficiency. Thus, remote work or online tools get opportunity to exert influence.

Remote work has become the new normal under COVID-19, and an increasing number of enterprises choose online work tools as one of the few solutions to handle the epidemic.



Remote work tools surge

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2. Just Boom-and-bust Cycles Or New Normal In The Future?

At present, most countries has recovered from COVID-19 and entered normal prevention phase, the growth rate of daily active users for remote work applications has slowed down, so does this means that remote work tools are just boom-and-bust cycles during COVID-19? The answer is no.

According to Forbes, remote work has now become the norm for most businesses and an estimated 70% of the workforce will be working remotely at least five days a month by 2025. And a number of big technology companies has put it into practice.

  • Facebook, the largest social media network worldwide, announced in June 2021 that employees can work from home permanently. 

  • Microsoft, a multinational technology corporation, also start remote work plans. Employees can work from home for approximately 50% of their workweek while managers have the option to approve full-time, remote work for staff.

  • Quora, a Q&A platform founded in 2009, has adopted a remote-first policy, allowing nearly all employees to work remotely and relocate to anywhere the company can legally employ them. And the company plans to convert its existing office into a coworking space for employees who want to work there.

Therefore, it seems that permanent remote work is the future of work—pandemic or not.


3. What Remote Work Tools Can Survive After COVID-19?


Though sorts of online work tools are available in the market, many of them focus on single-function, such as attendance checking, document collaboration and remote meetings, which are hard for enterprises to support whole businesses. Complicated interaction and switching among different tools not only slows down work efficiency, but also easily makes people physically and mentally exhausted.

So cost, efficiency and management features of online work tools becomes key factors for enterprises to concern. Only those tools that meet the business development needs of enterprises with the greatest cost effectiveness can survival after COVID-19.

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Remote work tools rethink

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4. What Solutions Does PDF Reader Pro Provide?

PDF editor exerts great influence in performance, particularly for file management, collaboration, and the overall productivity. And our PDF Reader Pro provides solutions for both individuals and organizations.

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  • Construction solution: Architects can give feedback on building plans or blueprints via annotation feature and sign construction plan documents with a text or image signature in a few clicks.

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