Easy Way to Remove Watermark from PDF on Mac

Wed. 02 Nov. 202218703 Mins

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As the most commonly used file format, PDF plays an important role whether in our life or in our work. On top of processing PDFs, you can make it easy and high-efficiency to work. We have introduced how to edit PDF on Mac, how to convert PDF to other formats on Mac, etc. In this article, we’ll give a detailed introduction about the easy way to remove watermark from PDF on Mac. Click here to download PDF Reader Pro for Mac and let's get started.


Here’s what we’ll mention:

  1. What is Watermark?

  2. Why Do People Add Watermarks to PDF Files?

  3. How to Remove Watermark from PDF on Mac?


What is Watermark?

A watermark is a text or image that you can place under or in front of the content in a PDF file, which is used to identify ownership, indicate confidentiality or show the status of the documents, etc. Watermarks are usually semi-transparent images to allow the messages you prepared to send to be clear.


Why Do People Add Watermarks to PDF Files?

There are three reasons why people add a watermark to a PDF. 

  1. For protecting the copyright of your works in PDF. PDF can be spread widely in a digital society. Besides, a watermark ensures that your work could not be altered or exploited by other people without your permission. 

  2. For promoting brands. Adding a watermark to a PDF can also be seen as a brand tactic. When you want to share a PDF file on a public platform, you can add your brand as a watermark to the file, so everyone who is browsing this file will have a deeper impression about your brand. 

  3. For providing extra or important information. You can add whatever information you want when you send the document to others. It’ll make sure they understand your purpose and take care of the files. For instance, the document is top secret or confidential.


Click to get more information about how to add watermarks to PDFs on Mac, there is a detailed video tutorial that PDF Reader Pro has prepared for you.


Watermarks play an important role in protecting copyright and providing information. However, we should acknowledge that watermarks also bring some troubles. When you are ready to read a PDF full of watermarks, you’ll find it difficult and troublesome to keep reading. Watermarks on PDFs become an obstacle to reading, which pulls down your reading experience. At this time, removing the watermark from PDF makes you read more easily.


How to Remove Watermark from PDF on Mac?

First of all, the easy way is using a PDF editor. We recommend PDF Reader Pro Mac, the best PDF tool. It not only provides the function of adding watermarks to PDFs, but also offers the feature to remove watermarks from PDFs at ease. Follow the steps below, a PDF without watermark can be displayed.


Using PDF Reader Pro Mac to Remove Watermark from PDF



Remove a watermark from a PDF on Mac

  1. Open your file with PDF Reader Pro Mac.

  2. Click Editor on the Toolbar, then select Watermark, and you can find there are five options. Choose Remove Watermark.

  3. Then on the pop-up windows, set the file name, choose the location. After saving the file, a PDF file with removing watermarks is successfully displayed.


Batch Remove Watermarks from PDFs on Mac

When you only have a PDF file, it’s easy to remove a watermark from a PDF as above. But if you have lots of PDF files, the above steps are not suitable no longer. PDF Reader Pro Mac gives you the option to remove watermarks from PDFs in batch. Here are the detailed steps:

  1. Open your file with PDF Reader Pro Mac, then click Editor on the toolbar, and select Watermark. There are five options, choose Batch Remove Watermark.

  2. Or on the homepage, choose Batch.

  3. Then on the pop-up windows, click Watermark.

  4. It is available to add all desired PDF files to the list, and then hit Remove Watermark.

This process of batch removing watermarks from PDFs is time saving and high-efficiency. 


Using Google Drive to Remove Watermark from PDF

The second way we want to share is using Google Drive, which is an online method. Just keep the following steps.

  1. Login your Google Drive, and upload your target PDF file to Google Drive.

  2. After uploading the PDF file, click it and open it with Google Docs.

  3. You’ll find that the watermarks on the PDF are displayed in text format, so it’s easy to select these watermarks and delete them directly. 

  4. Click the file and save it as PDF, then you’ll get a PDF file without watermarks.

This method is online, with no need to download any software, but it also has some limitations. The PDF file after processing in this way will lose the original formats, so it’s not the best way to remove watermark from PDF on Mac.

The above is all about watermarks, and the methods that we shared with you about how to remove watermark from PDF on Mac. All in all, PDF Reader Pro Mac is the best choice with powerful features. FREE Download it now!


More Questions About Removing Watermark from PDF:

  1. Why some PDFs cannot remove watermarks?

When you find it’s impossible to remove watermarks from PDFs, you should consider the reason whether the PDF file is a scanned file. Only the watermark added by the PDF tool can be removed. So when the PDF file is a scanned file, it’s impossible to remove the watermarks.


  1. Can I remove watermarks from PDFs which have passwords?

PDF Reader Pro also provides you the tool of removing passwords, then you are able to remove watermarks as we introduced above.


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