6 Smart Ways to Make Your eBooks Navigation Easy

Tue. 07 Feb. 20232873 Mins

In the modern era like now, everything seems to have shifted to electronic and digital things because they tend to be more convenient and faster starting from electronic payments, online shopping, and etc. Unconsciously, humans are also starting to switch to receiving, sending, and reading books, files, or documents electronically. If you have downloaded eBook sources from the internet before, whether you are a student at a university or an employee in an e-commerce company, you must definitely know how convenient it is to be able to access and have all the information and content you need without having to carry heavy books around.


Even so, sifting through all the content in one long eBook can hamper your performance. This is where PDF navigation is needed. PDF navigation may not be something that is often noticed. But when you come across eBooks with unstructured outlines, you will be overwhelmed to find the information you need. In this article, we give you some tips on how you can navigate your e-Books in a smart and easy way with PDF Reader Pro for Windows. So before we dive in, make sure you DOWNLOAD PDF Reader Pro here.


  1. Create Outlines

  2. Internal Links


  4. Thumbnail

  5. Search Button

  6. Annotation


  1. Create Outlines

Outline is the framework of your writing. Outlines can simplify the process of finding key points for each chapter in the e-Books. Most of the e-Books, novels, and journals available must contain at least 10 pages. With the absence of outlines in your e-Books, this will make it difficult for you to quickly find the chapters and information you need. With the outline, you can find out the contents of the e-Book at a glance and can immediately jump to the chapter or page you want without having to read it from the beginning. As shown in the image below, PDF Reader Pro Windows allows you to create and edit outlines as well as nested outlines that can include more detailed information from your e-Books. Click here to learn more about Create and Edit Outlines in PDF.




  1. Add Internal Links

Internal Links are a creative and quick way to lead readers to relevant sections in an e-Book. This method is especially useful in information-packed e-Books. With internal links, you don't have to search for the chapter you need by page but you can go directly to the chapter with just a few clicks. Whether it's to a glossary, an illustration, or to a related section, internal links can make your reading flow and e-Book organization easier. You can even use the links within your Table of Contents and make it a one-click process to open a section. To learn more about how to add a link, click here.


  1. Add Bookmarks

Bookmarks are one of the most powerful ways to navigate your eBook. Bookmarks break down your documents into pieces of information that you can manage. Bookmarks themselves allow you to get more specific information from your ebook. Bookmark titles that are simple, consistent, and descriptive can also save you time to get information quickly and effectively. Learn more about how to create bookmarks here.



  1. Thumbnails

You may have used a thumbnail before in PPT but have you ever considered using a thumbnail for your eBook navigation? Thumbnails are small page representations of larger pages intended to make it easier to review a larger group of pages. This is a good way to navigate your e-Book especially when you have an e-Book that contains a lot of pictures. You can easily scroll up and down of your e-Book's thumbnail and find which page you want.



  1. Search Button

The search button has a very specific function especially if you are looking for very specific information from a long and meaty e-Book. With the search button, you can easily find any information you want only by typing the keyword and it will give you all parts of the e-Book that contains that specific keyword. The more specific the keyword you type, the more specific the information that will be shown.


  1. Annotation: Interactive Navigation

If you want to input a creative and interactive way of navigating your e-Book, you can create annotations. PDF Reader Pro Windows has various annotation features that allows you to get the information you need with just a few clicks. Annotation including Highlights, Underline, Text and Comment, Squiggly, and many more. In addition, you can also add some notes to the information you add so that you would remember why you annotated that information. This way, you can read your e-Books in a more organized manner without missing any significant information. 




As shown in the image above, PDF Reader Pro Windows offers you a complete set of annotation features that would make your eBooks reading experience so much fun. These annotations that you have created from your eBooks will be shown at the left screen of your PC. It is as easy as just clicking any one of them and you will be navigated to the corresponding information. In addition to all the amazing annotation features, you can export and import comments on your e-Books. 



All the mentioned above are ways to navigate your eBook easily and effectively. While you may want to read your eBook thoroughly from the start, you also do not want to miss any piece of important information. And the easier and quicker you get the information you want, the better. IIt’s not an easy matter to find a PDF software that could provide all the navigation styles explained in this article. But PDF Reader Pro Windows  is your best choice to navigate your eBooks thoroughly in an easy and smart way. Download now and experience it for yourself!

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