Simply Split a PDF into an Image

Fri. 12 Aug. 202217303 Mins

Nowadays, the PDF file has become the most commonly used format in business, and it seems to contain all the features of the JPEG files. Also, many loyal users of PDF documents believe that PDF documents are powerful enough to replace JPEG files. So why do so many people need to split a PDF file into an image? Let us talk about this topic today!


1. Why should we sometimes split a PDF into an image?

2. When will we need to split a PDF into an image?

3. 3 methods to split PDFs into images in PDF Reader Pro for Windows

4. Conclusion: Compare JPEG files with PDF files


Why should we sometimes split a PDF into an image?

JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. JPEG is most useful for storing and sharing digital images because it compresses impressive detail into a shareable file size. There are some advantages of JEPG files.


- Smaller size: JPEG is a lossy image compression format that can compress images in a small storage space for transmitting faster. It is widely used in image file storage, network picture sharing, storage, etc.


- Compatibility: JPEG is a universally accepted format that can be edited or used on smartphones, computers, cameras, and other editing software.


- Easy to access, deliver and transfer: The small size of JPEG images makes it easy to attach them to emails or even share them instantly on Facebook or Twitter.


When will we need to split a PDF into an image?

Let me share you with some stories. Maybe you will be familiar with these scenes.


- Near graduation, a student made a beautiful portfolio in PDF. One day, he found a company he liked online, and he wanted to email his resume and portfolio to HR. Unfortunately, the PDF file was too large to email. During this time, maybe he can split PDF files into images to email because JPEG files are usually smaller. Of course, he also can compress the PDF file with PDF software.


- I believe that all of you have made a report whether business man or students. And sometimes, you want to incorporate visual examples of a PDF into a work presentation. In this scene, you have to extract images from PDF files. Or if you need to display the complete PDF page on your presentation, you can choose to convert the PDF file to an image.


- As we all know, some platforms and devices only support JPEG files. And JPEG files maybe display the content of paintings, sceneries, etc. better. If we want to share these images on social platforms, it would be better for us to split PDFs into images.


3 methods to split PDFs into images in PDF Reader Pro for Windows

PDF Reader Pro for Windows is a smart PDF converter, and it is well praised by Windows users for its powerful features. There are three methods in PDF Reader Pro for Windows to split PDF files into images.


  • Method 1: Take a screenshot

If you are reading a PDF document, and you see a beautiful picture, you want to share it with your friend. You can tap the icon of the Content Selection Tool on the toolbar. Then you can select the picture you want to screenshot and click the checkmark. Now, you can copy the screenshot to social software via Ctrl+V.



  • Method 2: Extract images from PDF files

When you submit your research paper, the quality of pictures in scientific papers is one of the important criteria. During this time, you can’t take a screenshot when you want to copy an image from another PDF file because of the low solution of the screenshot. What can you do in PDF Reader Pro now? You just right-click the image you want and choose to copy or extract the image. You will get a high solution image in just a few seconds.


  • Method 3: Convert PDF files to images

Sometimes, PDF files are too large to transmit slowly, and your boss asks you to submit your work report in a few minutes. Maybe converting PDF files to images to transfer your files is one of the best choices. In PDF Reader Pro, you can tap the icon of Converter on the toolbar. Then, you have to select target formats: To Image and set Page Range. Next, you can click the Convert button. You also can hit the Batch button to add more files to convert simultaneously.



Conclusion: Compare JPEG files with PDF files

JPEGs will permanently damage the quality of files while compressing. The files in JPEG format have been compressed and synthesized when they are generated, and all the contents are in one layer, which is a whole. You can’t edit and modify the content in JPEG files.

PDFs use compression methods that do not compromise the original quality of the file, and the file size will be larger than that of a JPEG file. PDF files can be operated freely, and with special editing software, each part of the content can be edited and modified.

JPG files and PDF files have their own advantages. However, in terms of office efficiency and convenience, PDF files may be the most suitable format for us at present. Whether PDF files are powerful enough to replace files in other formats depends on how PDF files and other formats will develop in the future.


PDF Reader Pro is an excellent software to process PDF files. If you want to know more about the advantages of PDF files or more, come to download PDF Reader Pro for free to experience it!


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