The All-New PDF Reader Pro, Be More Productive

Tue. 09 Oct. 201828522mins

Good news - thrilled to welcome to the all-new PDF Reader Pro. Re-created from the ground up, it’s effortless and more productive to use. Following the tide of productivity, the all-new PDF Reader Pro is inspired by the users and redesigned for everyone! The completely new PDF Reader Pro is reimagined with a simple user experience where the concisely clearer layout improves your reading experience to a new level, totally enhancing your work and study efficiency and productivity.


PDF Reader Pro features


Customizing toolbars are also available. You can drag the items you like to the toolbar, or completely reset the toolbar. The new added settings enable you to show or hide the two side panels to customize your reading screen.

More benefits in the all-new PDF Reader Pro are waiting for you to discover!



Multi-tab Viewer

Tabs have been incredibly great as a browsing innovation and a step-up in productivity from single window browsing. Do you encounter such a predicament where you want to switch files, but find it stressful and time consuming? Now, with the recent availability of PDF Reader Pro, it offers you the ability to open a bunch of files simultaneously and view at the same window. With the Mac OS 10.12 or later, it’s a simple tweak that you can make right now.


Multi-tab Viewer


Go to Preferences… -> set Open a document in the same window or in a new window. Or you can move a tab around in the same window or to another window by dragging and dropping it where you need it to be. If you’d like to open the tab in a separate window of its own, drag and drop it out of its current window.


Open new document in new Window



Edit Outline

Editing outlines makes sense. In the all-new PDF Reader Pro, outline with a new look arrives! Outline is integrated with thumbnail, notes and snapshot, a much more concise layout. Users can easily observe the rearranged layout on the bottom of the outline panel. Click outline panel -> Add Item, or click content -> Add Outline Item, and you’ll get new outline which is editable. When clicking Delete, you remove all outlines. PDF Reader Pro provides the best experience for creating and editing outlines to easily navigate through the whole file.


Edit Outline



Dark Mode

Introduced in macOS Mojave, Dark Mode gives PDF Reader Pro a dramatic new look. When you set Dark Mode, the color of menu, toolbar and panel recedes into the dark background, which helps you to stay better focused on your work.

To enable Dark Mode, go to System Preferences -> General and toggle Appearance from Light to Dark. Windows, background colors and color schemes will flip from bright white to subdued dark.


Dark Mode


PDF Reader Pro releases the all-new updates! Download PDF Reader Pro Lite and try the 7-day free trial, a surprise is waiting for you!

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