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Tue. 25 Jun. 201919082.5mins

Amazing! Thrilled to announce that PDF Reader Pro V2.6 arrives with the best  PDF to Office Converter! In “old” PDF Reader Pro, it allows to transform PDFs to and from Word, Text, HTMl and Image(JPG/PNG). Well, in all-new PDF Reader Pro, all converter features are included. Moreover, it enables you to export any PDFs to and from Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Text, RTF, CSV, Image without losing fonts, layout, formatting and all embedded elements. How Exciting it is! There is no need to worry about unsuccessful converter anymore. Now let’s explore more about PDF to Office converter.


PDF to Word Converter


PDF files are so popular nowadays. This format was developed as a way to share various documents, including formatting, tables and inline images with high security. However, it always happens that you have to edit your files as you do in Word file to adjust your file layout, insert images and more, though there are many PDF Reader applications that allows to edit PDF files. At this time, PDF to Word converter is crucial for you. PDF Reader Pro is one of the best PDF to Word Converter. With it,  you can perform all the great work stored in your PDF to Word document that's easy to update and edit, which keeps the fonts and layouts intact, including bullets and tables. Now, learn more about exporting PDF to Microsoft Word, and start making progress.



PDF to Excel Converter


Have you ever been driven crazy when keeping entering data into excel table? You may spend the whole day repeating the data entry. Boring and tiring. Your eyes are sore and your shoulder is rigid. What is the most unfortunate is that the data entry result is mistaken! How terrible! 

Now, such misfortune will be far away from you, because PDF Reader Pro with the best PDF to Excel converter comes and saves you both physically and spiritually. Using PDF Reader Pro to convert PDF to excel helps you skip the data entry and tedious reformatting tasks, and boosts you to perfectly export data, columns, layout and formatting out to an excel data table, allowing you to edit and analyze data accurately. It really saves your time and improves your work proficiency and productivity.





PDF to PowerPoint Converter

Do you want to make an excellent PPT presentation in public? To achieve this, you must be competent in giving a lecture among people with articulate and powerful voice and appropriate body performance. Well, beyond that, a perfect PPT is indispensable because a good one makes an impression. But if you just have a slideshow in PDF format, and want to modify and polish it, what should you do? Don’t worry, PDF Reader Pro does a favor for you to completely transform PDF to PowerPoint(PPT). All your formats can be saved. And you don't have to bother redoing bullets, tables, objects, or master layouts. After the conversion, you can improve your PPT by inserting images, tables, charts and more. Making yourself different and impressive just needs one step. Now come to make yourself a star in public place.




Another Important Points You Can’t Miss


Believe that you have benefited from PDF Reader Pro for a long time. There are more in the new upgrade you must know. If you a greenhand, you shouldn’t miss it. Converting PDF to image with high quality enrolls more image format like JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, TGA, BMP, JP2 and more. Also, PDF to Office supports to convert PDF to and from RFT and CSV offline. Small change and big help! 


The all new PDF Reader Pro will give you a wonderful experience with PDF files. PDF Reader Pro supplies free trial for you. If you use PDF Reader Pro dmg version, you can free download from our website for the trial. If you get PDF Reader Pro from AppStore, you can convert the first 10 pages of your PDF file for free. If you like, you can purchase PDF Reader Pro with PDF to Office Pack. There are 25% OFF for you. 

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