Why PDF Reader Pro Could Save Your Money?

Tue. 18 Oct. 20226783 Mins

PDF is one of the most widely used file formats worldwide. The existence of PDF has been around for decades and as time goes by, it is increasingly needed in various areas of life, especially in business. Many companies and enterprises switch from paper-based companies to PDF-based for various reasons. The main reason behind it is that it saves a lot of money, its flexibility and the facilities it offers to businesses.


There are several PDF softwares that you can use for your business needs and not all of them are efficient software to carry out the task you want. When you use PDF for business, you are not only using PDF to read or receive files but more than that. PDF Reader Pro is one of the best PDF software you can find. It has numerous features that can lighten your workflow and also make your work faster and more efficient. When your work can be executed efficiently and effectively, it will also eventually help your business reduce costs. In this article, we dive in to see why PDF Reader Pro could save your business a lot of cost from three different points of views.

  1. Why PDF Reader Pro Features are Perfect for Your Business?

  2. How Does PDF Speed-up Your Work?

  3. How Does PDF Software Reduce Your Business Cost?


Why PDF Reader Pro Features are Perfect for Your Business?

PDF Reader Pro offers you some of the powerful features of a PDF software that you can ever think of. Here are some features that will be very useful for your business and make you work quickly and efficiently:


  1. Conversion

During work, it is possible that your manager or colleagues may send you a bunch of paper files or PDF documents that you need to edit. You may find that the documents are non-editable.This may make you frustrated but do not worry. You can convert your documents into the format that you want with PDF Reader Pro Converter. PDF conversion is available in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Text, Image(PNG, JPEG), and more. For your paper files, scan them and choose OCR to make them editable. Editable PDF would help you execute your workload in a timely manner. You can also generate a PDF file only by dragging and dropping your file (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Text) onto the open window. These conversion and OCR methods are simple and easy to use, perfectly suitable for your business.



  1. Edit PDF

PDF Reader Pro provides a feature where you can directly edit your PDF files without even having to convert your files to Word or other formats first. If you cannot edit your file directly, we recommend using OCR to make your scanned documents editable, searchable PDFs or TXT files, then edit your file. With this powerful feature in the bag, adding or removing multiple items directly in contracts and agreements makes your job faster and easier.



  1. Electronic signature

This feature will greatly facilitate your work because you do not need to spend a lot of paper or ink to sign contracts, legal documents, agreements, and etc. With electronic signatures, you can sign multiple documents without any delay thus speeding up your work with just a few clicks.



  1. Redact Information & Security

With PDF Reader Pro, you don't have to worry about disclosing information because this software provides excellent protection for each of your documents. In addition, you can also limit who can print and copy your documents.


PDF Reader Pro also supports a redact feature where you can remove some information from a document when the information needs to be deleted or hidden before publication. This feature is very useful for businesses, especially if there is important information from your company that needs to be kept secret. Problems will never arise if you know how to use the right tools and fully operate them.



  1. Edit PDF Pages

You can edit PDF pages by using PDF Reader Pro. There are times where you only need a few pages from a large document, could probably be for your weekly presentation, annual meeting, business tender meeting, and so on. This feature can execute just that. It allows you to extract the sections you need into a new PDF file in only a few seconds. The PDF editing feature has various types of tools such as insert page, extract page, split page, and etc.



How Does PDF Speed-up Your Work?

Using PDF software such as PDF Reader Pro can speed up your work. How? It only takes a few clicks for you to convert a batch of files (to image, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.), sign your contract, put a watermark on your files, extract files, and a lot more you can do with this app. The app offers various features that would absolutely make you work faster and make your task easier to handle. Click here to learn more about PDF Reader Pro Windows Features.


Involving PDF software in your business can also improve interconnectivity between employees. This is because it can speed up the sharing file process between employees or customers. Furthermore, every job and paper file can be executed digitally without the need to move from one place to another. 


How Does PDF Software Reduce Your Business Cost?

Using PDF software on your computer makes it easy for you to be able to share your document files without having to print using paper. The fact is that the average company spends more than 10,000 sheets of paper annually and 45% of papers printed in the office ends up in the trash.  In addition, using paper files also costs money for mailing or shipping. With this in mind, you can see that your printing costs will continue to grow if you don't switch to PDF software from now on. PDF software may have also been the solution to reduce your business costs. Apart from saving business funds, you also indirectly reduce the use of paper which will help preserve the environment. With all the reasons above, it is very clear that using and storing documents electronically makes more sense and is more economical.


PDF Reader Pro is a powerful PDF software and perfect for your business. Click here to download. It provides an affordable price for companies that need more than one PDF software package. Click here to learn about the Team package.




Now, PDF is not only a file format, but it is also a lifestyle. It gives you a huge amount of benefits. You can use it to create digital versions of your product catalogs, advertising campaigns, training materials, and etc. You can also share any files with employees via email at any time. PDFs are even print-friendly, allowing you to print them as hard-copy documents at any time you want! All of these options are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the ways PDFs benefit businesses today. And PDF Reader Pro is the best PDF software you can find in the market today. It is perfect for your business and it supports every feature that this article has emphasized. So what are you waiting for? Go download PDF Reader Pro now! Click here to learn more about PDF Reader Pro Business.


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