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Thu. 28 Apr. 20229613

The annual graduation season is here again, and it will be a moment that many  will never forget. We will get together with family and friends to celebrate our academic achievements during this special period. But before we can enjoy the flowers and applause, we all have to go through a hurdle -- the thesis. 

I believe that everyone who is writing a paper and has written a paper has gone crazy about it. Not only do you not know what to do with your paper, but you will be overwhelmed by the endless questions that come with it. For example, when writing a paper, it was necessary to cite a large number of documents, many of which were in PDF format, and there was no way to edit and copy. Your instructor made notes on the paper, but the paper was too long to look them up one by one. The core data in the paper was accidentally leaked during transmission. There were many more bad cases, which cannot be listed here. Although there is no way to help you write your paper, now I can help you solve these extra troubles, so that you can be more efficient in the process of writing your thesis.

Are the references you need in PDF format? Don't worry, with PDF Reader Pro, you can copy and edit as much as you want. Launch PDF Reader Pro to open the file you need. Tap Edit PDF on the toolbar, then you enter pdf edit mode. There you can add, delete, move or modify text. Also you can change text color and font size if you right click. Choose Add Text and you can cut, copy, paste or delete the text area. Finally Click Save and all your changes will be saved intact.


Expand the left properties panel -> select Notes -> click Export annotations. You can save the exported annotations in the following formats, such as Text, RTF, RTFD and FDF etc. Browsing through a separate annotation file allows you to focus more on  the main points.


Be afraid of your sensitive information being stolen? Tap Redact -> click to select the information you want to hide. Don't be anxious about the original article content being overwritten. Hit Apply to save the encrypted file in the target folder, and feel free to transfer your paper file. 


In addition, you can click Editor -> choose Security -> tap Set Password to lock the PDF files. As shown in the figure below, you can customize the password when opening the file, or when printing/copying the document.


The long-term paper revision makes your eyes tired. Click Page Display -> choose the theme style you want, such as Reseda, to let you read or revise the paper in a comfortable state. You can also switch to Display Mode or Split View to create your own reader with one click.


PDF Reader Pro can do more! Download it and experience more powerful features to help your thesis.

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