Does PDF Reader Pro support Volume Purchase Program(VPP)?

PDF Reader Pro supports Volume Purchase Program(VPP) for schools and organizations.

1. What is VPP?
VPP, Volume Purchase Program, is Apple and Windows' volume store for schools and organisations. Schools and organisations can buy multiple application licenses at once from the VPP store and share these applications remotely to selected devices. This makes managing application licenses easy and effortless. By using a mobile device management solution with VPP, distributing and installing applications can be made automatic.


2. VPP for PDF Reader Pro Mac on AppStore:
There are some discounts for VPP.
If you buy 1-19 units permanent licenses, it will be original price;
If you buy 20+ units, there will be 50% off for you.

PDF Reader Pro Mac for VPP, please click Here.


3. VPP Via PayPal:
According to the regulations of Apple AppStore, you need to purchase more than 20 apps to apply for the education discount. However, if you use PayPal and other payment methods to purchase directly from our official website, even if you only buy one copy, you can also enjoy the education discount. Or you can directly contact us to confirm more details like your devices and discount.

Our sales representative will contact you within 24 hours.


4. VPP for PDF Reader Pro Windows:

PDF Reader Pro supports volume purchase on Microsoft Store. It applied to Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.

Microsoft Store for Business, Please click Here.

Microsoft Store for Education, Please click Here.

Note: Before you sign up for Microsoft Store for Business or Microsoft Store for Education, you'll need an Azure Active Directory (AD) or Office 365 account for your organization, and you'll need to be the global administrator for your organization. If your organization is already using Azure AD, you can go ahead and sign up for Microsoft Store for Business or Microsoft Store for Education. If not, please create an Azure AD or Office 365 account and directory as part of the sign up process.

How to sign up on Microsoft Store? Get more information.