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How to Convert PDFs to Other Formats?

Convert PDFs to other formats in PDF Reader Pro at four steps:

1. Open the file you want to convert;

2. Tap Converter  on the toolbar;

3. Or click main menu Tools -> Converter -> Convert;

4. Or click  on the statebar -> Convert PDF;

5. Select Format as Word, HTML, Text, JPG, PNG and set Page Range;

6. Click Batch to convert more PDF files at the same time.


How to Convert Other Formats to PDFs?

1. Tap File on the main menu and click New;

2. Or click  on the statebar;

3. Click New From Images or New From File, then you can select other formats like Word, HTML on the desktop and open it in PDF Reader Pro as PDF directly;

4. Or select an image on the desktop and righ click Open With PDF Reader Pro, then Save as PDF;

5. Or select New From Clipboard, then texts or images from clipboard will be saved as PDF file;

6. Or select New From Web Page, then input URL or File(.Html/.Webarchive) and Save as PDF.


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